About Blockbit

Blockbit is a global manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions. We protect organizations of all sizes against threats, vulnerabilities and attacks, whether internal or external, generic or targeted.

Our security products assist our customers in network and cloud protection, with a strategic focus on SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) technology, a solution that moves the market with great investment and interest from current companies.

Blockbit protects approximately one million corporate users from our more than 3,000 active customers in several countries, including Brazil, Spain and the USA. Our go-to-market strategy is based on our qualified network of channels, around 200 resellers and partnerships with the largest telecommunications players, which expand our operations and generate greater capillarity and quality in service.

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Blockbit operates strategically in different business sectors and different project sizes, such as:

Telecommunications companies: the growth of Telecom companies depends on their ability to provide value-added IT services to thousands of corporate and public sector customers. Blockbit products are at the heart of these services, allowing operators to offer secure links, managed firewall and SD-WAN to the market.

Private sector: Small and medium-sized companies looking to invest in cybersecurity are great fits for Blockbit. Our projects are also applied in large companies, mainly for secure and distributed network connections between headquarters and branches, with our SD-WAN.

International expansion: the partner ecosystem is the solution of Blockbit for leveraging your mission of growing global expansion.  The company seeks, more and more, to understand the peculiarity of each region through the relationship with new international distributors.  Blockbit is also betting on its strategy focused on logistics, which results in an assertive attack on the ecosystem of partners present within those distributors.


To grow globally by offering a complete, dynamic and efficient cybersecurity platform, with a focus on establishing fine strategies with our partners to provide excellent service with technical knowledge.


To be the market leading provider of cybersecurity, at a global level, for partners and their customers.


  • Ensure security
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Appreciation for talent
  • Team work
  • Commitment

Board Members

Eduardo Bouças

Nycholas Szucko

Andre Rolim

Lísias Lauretti

Paulo Sergio Caputo


Cleber Ribas


Ricardo Macchiavelli


Flávio Cândido

Commercial Director

Wolmer Godoi


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