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Do you know Blockbit?

We are a global manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions that protect all types of organizations against virtual threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. There are more than one million corporate users of our more than three thousand active clients in several countries, including Brazil, Spain, and the United States. We are passionate about technology, and mainly about what we do: making the world a safer place.

We believe and invest in one of our main pillars, our employees, who together make the difference in Blockbit’s success. Therefore, we know that betting on the well-being and development of our employees is paramount. We offer excellent experience to keep motivating, engaging, retaining, and attracting talents.

Professional and personal appreciation

In order to engage our teams, we have several actions that award our talents, including Appreciation Program and Career Plan, which encourage, respectively, awards for compliments and professional planning/growth. Blockbit provides several benefits, and the employees and their relatives are appreciated outside the work environment, with discounts in education, culture, and recreation institutions, for example.

Organizational culture and atmosphere

Working in a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive environment makes the difference. The organizational culture and atmosphere at Blockbit were molded according to our purpose of existence and ethical principles that make the company a place where employees and managers are able to interact and do their jobs. The surveys we conduct periodically indicate such collective well-being, confirming an impartial and collaborative environment that allows great independence.

Communication and teamwork

Communication is another essential contributor for the success of the company and, therefore, we strive to communicate as best as possible. Blockbit always believes and encourages horizontal and regular communication among all employees. Besides daily discussions, we keep our employees well informed about the market and internal actions, with HR bulletins, bimonthly newsletters, breakfast with the board, constant feedback meetings, and Marketing news.

The benefits of working with us

Meal and/or Food Allowance

Transportation Allowance

Daycare Allowance

Blockbit University

Life Insurance

Health Plan

Dental Plan

Drugstore Agreement

Flexible Hours

Encouragement of Education

Career Plans

Casual and Informal Dress Code

Fruit Day

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Join a talented team that works constantly to develop technologies that simplify information safety management, focusing on industry trends, customer experience, and innovation.


Guarantee the quality of internal processes, focusing on results and customer satisfaction. Department related to: Backoffice, Accounting, Controllership, Facilities and DP, Finance, Fiscal, and Legal.


Department responsible for the relationship with customers and partner channels, focusing on sales results.


Develop branding, internal marketing, press releases, commercial support, and constant update of inbound and outbound actions, focusing on sales results.


Research and develop innovative and competitive solutions and comprehensive technology, focusing on cybersecurity.


Responsible for people management at Blockbit, for continuous improvement of assessment and feedback processes, relationship, atmosphere, and eventual conflicts.


Guarantee the quality of the delivery of Blockbit solutions, with software and hardware quality optimization and improvement practices recognized all around the world.


Guarantee the technical speech to all those interested in Blockbit solutions, either potential customers and/or channels, with the responsibility of sizing and developing projects with total support to the sales team.


Guarantee specialized technical training and compliance of our solutions provided to customers and channels, focusing on troubleshooting any doubts and/or issues. Department related to: Support, Infrastructure Support, and Training.


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