BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.3 - 05/23/2018

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.3

BB-3879 Improvement applied in the timezone ordering at the System Instalation Wizard and in the device configurations.
BB-3879 Corrections in the synchronization scheduling settings for users and groups.
BB-3891 Correction applied to the “Storage” interface. The NFS service did not respond with timeout information during access.
BB-3985 Improvements made in the content of the restore notification (in english).
BB-3987 Correction applied in standard policy “Scores +20 messages with bad reputation” in the condition “Sender in whitelist”.
BB-3988 Correction applied to the CLI interface’s command “fwrecovery”, allowing full access to the system.
BB-4005 Correction applied to the “Backup” interface, which crashed after deleting a backup file.
BB- 4027 Correction applied to the network interface settings, which listed interfaces in no order.
BB- 4249 Correction applied to the registration of accounts of type “Remote”, which could be registered as domain.
BB- 4253 Correction applied to the connection settings of the backend interface.
BB-4266 Correction applied to the action “Resend and Add to Trusted List” in the user portal, which was adding to the Trusted Global list.
BB-10965 Correction applied in the login field of the user portal for case sensitive checking.
BB- 11030 Correction applied to the action “Delete and Add to Spam” in the user portal, which was adding blank content.
BB- 11212 Correction applied to the action “Resend” in the user portal, to e-mail in the quarantine that were lost.
BB- 11369 Correction applied to the “Storage” settings in the ” DISCO ” type storage description.
BB- 11404 Correction applied to the report management system that did not remove old data.
BB- 11410 Correction applied to the compliance rule, which did not allow redirection from an internal server to a port other than the “SMTP” defaults.
BB- 11532 Correction applied in the blocking message, which deconfigured in accented texts.
BB- 11565 Correction applied in the Dashboard, which did not display users’ emails in the “Inbox” field.
BB- 12236 Correction applied to the CLI console, which had no option to auto complete configured commands.
BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.2 - 03/27/2018

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.2

BB-11955 Correction applied to the system backup restore.
BB-11551 Correction applied to the delivery of quarantine summary.
BB-11407 Correction applied to the creation of local users whenever there is domain integration.
BB-11405 Correction applied to the creation of inboxes for local users.
BB-11015 Correction applied to the User portal. User password could not be changed if authentication was integrated with the Active Directory domain.
BB-10998 Correction applied to the exhibition of automatic update scheduling.
BB-10964 Correction applied to account registration, because it allowed to create remote e-mail addresses to local domains.
BB-10941 Correction applied to the dashboard, because it was displaying no information during a search entry.
BB-4242 Correction applied to the commands service-stop and service-start, that weren’t stopping/starting certain services through the CLI.
BB-4228 Correction applied to the Data backup process that wasn’t will work incrementally.
BB-4024 Correction applied to the user synchronization. It allowed to use the same domain to both types of possible integration

(Windows and LDAP).

BB-4015 Correction applied to the Command tcptrack for it couldn’t be performed on the CLI.
BB-4013 Correction applied to the Command ethtool for it couldn’t be performed on the CLI.
BB-4006 Correction applied to the Inbox maintenance process that used to execute promptly, not respecting schedule.
BB-3875 Correction applied to user synchronization, since the Inclusion of members in groups was not happening in the first synchronization.
BB-3862 Correction applied to the Change of LAN network interfaces that resulted in interruption of the connection with the database.
BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.1 - 05/29/2017

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.1

BB-3145 Corrected the e-mail “Accounts” search form.
BB-3188 Corrected the visualization of the field “Subject” – when coding is in ISO 8859-1 format in the user quarantine portal and in the administration interface.
BB-3194 Corrected the process of applying mount point settings in the system’s “Archive”.
BB-3227 Corrected the form of e-mail “Accounts”. It didn’t display the size of mailboxes when configured on USB mount point.
BB-3228 Corrected validations in the e-mails “Lists” registration form.
BB-3232 Corrected e-mail “Accounts” synchronization settings.
BB-3263 Corrected mailbox restore process, when storage is external.
BB-3264 Corrected the system parameter that controls CLI interface access connections.
BB-3268 Corrected the quarantine form. By adding an email in the global whitelist it used to redirect to the user’s whitelist.
BB-3289 Corrected the filling of detailed report. It was not available for download in the administration interface.
BB-3299 Corrected e-mails classified as “user unknown”. Those were being summarized as delivered in the “Dashboard”.
BB-3653 Corrected e-mails classified as “user unknown”. Those were being summarized as delivered in the “Dashboard”.
BB-3876 Corrected the summarization of e-mails displayed as delivered in the administration interface.
BB-3877 Corrected the filling of detailed monthly report. It was not displaying data in the administration interface.
BB-3884 Corrected the backup process when e-mail storage is external.
BB-3889 Corrected the synchronization process of e-mail accounts whenever there is more than one domain with synchronization set.
BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.0 - 01/16/2017

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.0

User quarantine search and handling by the administrator
The administrative interface now allows performing searches in user quarantines and run commands to resend/remove messages and subscription in the user or global trusted/spam lists.
Dashboard Improvements
We added a new widget to track stats for messages delivered to remote destinations and implemented a small change on the widget for redirected messages, providing a more streamlined integration with detailed log records.
Backup/restore mechanisms
We reviewed the system’s backup and restore mechanism and added the option to perform backup (incremental) and restore from the device itself.
Automatic Update Disabling
The administrator can now choose to disable the system’s automatic updates.
Password complexity identifier
The interface now shows the level of complexity in the password chosen by the user during registration.
Detailed log improvements
We reviewed and changed the detailed log maintenance and storage methods for messages, preventing situations of long maintenance cycles in environments with high volume of email traffic.
Blocking of IPs without reverse setup
To better meet the settings of email RFCs, we added the verification and blocking when sending emails from public IPs without reverse setup.
Improvements in the security standard sensor (PCI DSS)
We implemented a small change in the security standard sensor in order to detect some cases of false negative that could occur in messages sent as text/plain.
Improvements in antimalware sensor
We changed the antimalware sensor to follow the premise that in any case of failure during the scan for virus/malware, it then adopts behavior for suspicious content.
We implemented several revisions and fixes related to the previous version, on the features of registration and import of dictionary objects, account registration and import, mailing list quarantined in the user portal, use of SmartFolders by Outlook 2016 email client, sync AD/LDAP users, MTA/MRA advanced settings, policies, policy groups and service certification.