BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.7 08/05/2019

New Features:

CLI Commands for disk resizing – With the parted, partprobe, and resize2fs commands, it’s possible to extend disk size from the console;

SNMP Remote Product Monitoring Improvements – New MIBs implemented to collect information about BLOCKBIT equipment on an automated basis.

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.7


Correction applied on the display of users and IPs on the Dashboard.


Correction on the display of URLs in event window.


Correction applied to the ordering of network interfaces.


Correction on the filter icon in dashboard IPv6 events.


Correction applied to the display of policy names in dashboard.


Correction in antimalware monthly report creation.


Correction on the Security Alerts widget policy filter.


Correction applied to DPI report.


Correction in creating Intrusion Prevention reports in pdf format.


Correction on IPSEC tunnel display in the Monitor window when establishing a VPN.


Correction applied when creating tunnel type interfaces in AWS.


Corrected directory access on port 9803.


Correction applied to the Kernel (see the guide “how to upgrade-kernel” available in the resource center).


Correction on HTTPS access with explicit proxy.


Correction applied to the database.


Correction on the display of remote access VPN connections in IPSEC connection monitor.

BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.5 05/27/2019

New Features:

Support the use of Web Proxy for licensing and updates, providing greater flexibility in the implementation of the product;

Improvements to remote product monitoring by SNMP:

  • Monitoring of DHCP and DHCP6 leases;
  • Monitoring of network summarized traffic throughput;
  • Monitoring of connected users;
  • Monitoring of established connections.

DPI module with support for IPv6 addresses;

Improvements to the Whitelist and Blacklist of the DPI module;

Implementation of Smart Bypass (bypass version 3) support in the DPI module;

CLI commands for Bypass management, being possible to enable, disable and monitor the status of the bypass board;

Improvements in administration and product control during upgrade and update;

Improvements in summarization, dashboards, and reporting of the DPI service;

DPI now supports MPLS for Ethernet protocol;

Optimization of the security policy loading process.

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.5

UTM-122 Improvement on the return of the H.A. primary server.
UTM-140 Correction applied to the “configure-syslog” CLI command.
UTM-158 Correction applied to the notifications display and interface description in SD-WAN.
UTM-159 Correction applied to the nomenclature of the backup options.
UTM-288 Correction in editing personal information on the authentication portal.
UTM-289 Correction applied to the login in the authentication portal using email.
UTM-295 Correction applied to blocking subscription groups in the DPI Service.
UTM-301 Correction applied in the Threat Protection report.
UTM-302 Improvement on the DPI Services settings.
UTM-308 Improvement on the default values of SD-WAN performance indicators.
UTM-330 Correction applied to SD-WAN IP markup.
UTM-352 Correction applied in the text fields on Certificates, in the Authorities tab.
UTM-353 Correction applied to the upgrade in the service certificates.
UTM-354 Correction on RAS site-to-site IPSEC VPN connections IKEv1.
UTM-370 Corrections to the selection, filters and actions of the DPI Services window.
UTM-371 Correction applied to the enable and disable function on the Firewall Service.
UTM-386 Correction applied to the search system in Dictionaries.
UTM-394 Correction to the default value of the number of attempts to reconnect the IPSEC VPN in the event of a fall.
UTM-398 Correction in firewall summarization processes.
UTM-403 Correction in manual conversion of H.A.
UTM-412 Correction in the IP of the interface used during DNAT editing.
UTM-415 Correction to the IPSEC Monitor Disconnect Button.
UTM-419 Correction applied to the Logger service notifications.
UTM-420 Improvements to the IPSEC VPN Service, providing more flexibility in integrating with other market solutions.
UTM-422 Correction applied to the editing, activating and deactivating of the LAG interface.
UTM-423 Optimization in cluster convergence time.
UTM-427 Correction applied in the WEB browsing control without SSL inspection in policies.
UTM-428 Correction applied to the UTM log storage.
UTM-429 Correction applied to the session logoff.
UTM-430 Correction in the management and cleaning of the logs.
UTM-432 Correction in the application of SD-WAN functions.
UTM-438 Correction in WEB server application on OVAs wizard.
UTM-439 Correction in the UTM WEB Proxy.
UTM-440 Correction applied to the notifications that are displayed when authentication is performed on the UTM.
UTM-443 Correction in the display of the update-system command in the CLI.
UTM-444 Correction in SNAT rules.
UTM-448 Correction to the DPI Service initialization.
UTM-449 Correction in DPI Service preprocessors.
Improvements to changes in DPI service rules.
UTM-454 Correction in IPSec VPN event display.
UTM-455 Correction on Whitelist and Blacklist of DPI in transparent mode.
UTM-456 Correction applied to the HTTP port on Proxy.
UTM-457 Correction applied to the DPI configurations.
UTM-461 Correction applied to the SD-WAN process interruption.
UTM-462 Improvement SD-WAN performance.
UTM-463 Improved Global Management performance.
UTM-465 Correction in Cluster Slave synchronization.
UTM-467 Improvement on the execution time of the fwreload command on the CLI.
UTM-485 Correction applied in the reactivation of the Master cluster in H.A.
UTM-486 Correction applied to the cluster convergence in H.A.
UTM-493 Correction applied in the loading of UTM settings after backup restore.
UTM-510 Correction in Dynamic Selection application on the SD-WAN.
UTM-511 Correction on activation of services during the reactivation of the Master cluster in H.A.
UTM-513 Correction in SD-WAN activation when changing the order of interfaces.
UTM-514 Correction in the DHCP-Relay service.
UTM-518 Correction in activating the DPI Service signature block.
UTM-525 Correction on the temporary IPv4 policies.
UTM-529 Correction in the UTM authentication service.
UTM-530 Grammar Correction in System Administration.
UTM-532 Correction in the SD-WAN.
UTM-533 Correction in the WebFilter Service.
UTM-535 Correction applied in BLOCKBIT OS memory share.
UTM-536 Correction applied to the gsm-deployer service.
Correction in IP and DPI Service settings during migration from UTM 1.5.4 to 1.5.5.
UTM-540 Correction on the pre-enabling services after the update.
UTM-545 Correction applied to the creation of UTM service certificates.
UTM-547 Correction in the application of policies and configurations of device template via GSM in UTM 1.5.5.
UTM-552 Correction in the profile exclusion on the DPI Services.
UTM-554 Correction in sending the addresses to the DPI Service quarantine.
UTM-557 Improvement on the snapshot restoration.
UTM-559 Improvement to the notification and e-mail about UTM update status.
UTM-566 Improvement access to SSH and Web interface.
UTM-567 Correction applied to the system user notification service to improve UTM performance.
UTM-580 Correction applied in DPI service memory usage limitation.
UTM-581 Correction in the selection of objects used by Port Forwarding.
Correction applied to the upgrade.
UTM-615 Correction in deactivating and activating the DPI sensors.
UTM-616 Correction on SD-WAN activation after UTM restart.
BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.4 02/25/2019

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.4



Correction applied to the documentation in the SSO packet.


Correction applied to the DHCP Relay service.


Correction applied to Web Server CPU consumption.


Correction applied on the creation of static addresses on the DHCP interface.


Correction applied in rewizard execution.


Correction applied to the storage of database connections.


Correction applied when adding users to groups.


Correction applied when editing and saving SSL VPN settings.


Removal of unnecessary Multilink logs.


Correction in the WebProxy rules with SNI.


Correction applied in the domain ingress of the secondary H.A. server.


Correction applied in Site-to-site VPN communication.


Correction applied in the download of files through web filter with antimalware.


Correction applied to firewall logs of connections that pass through Web Proxy.


Correction applied to the visualization of values on BLOCKBIT UTM band control.


Correction applied to the renewal time configured on the DHCP.


Correction applied in the access connections of the internal system services.


Correction applied in the VPN redundancy with BGP dynamic routing.


Correction applied on the static host edit in DHCP.


Correction applied in the user search in the system authentication tab.


Correction applied to IP assignment in RAS IPSEC VPN.


Correction applied to the graphic interface of the network window.


Correction in the sorting of profiles in SD-WAN.


Correction applied on the DHCP SERVER service.


Correction applied on the Flood control logs.


Correction applied in editing Tunnel interfaces.


Correction applied in Site-to-site VPN navigation with compression enabled.


Correction in certificate validation on RAS VPN connection.


Correction in the retention of global IP reputation and geolocation settings while upgrading to version 1.5.


Correction applied in the H.A. authentication.


Correction applied in the package installation during upgrade to version 1.5.


Correction applied in the packet transmission during IPSEC VPN and GRE tunnel server traffic.

BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.3 12/15/2018

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.3



Correction applied on the web browsing logs.


Correction applied on MAC address objects.


Correction applied on the synchronism of group members.


Correction applied to Samba LDAP server authentication via captive portal.


Correction applied to the update of WEB policy members in the proxy.

BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.2 12/03/2018

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.2



New feature: TACACS + support for administration users.


New feature: TACACS + support for firewall users.


New feature: Multilink with Loadbalance supports new session persistence mode.


Correction applied to Samba LDAP server authentication.


Correction on sending firewall logs to remote syslog.


Correction on reading period/date objects by proxy.


New feature: CLI command to display the license number.


New feature: CLI command to display the version number.


New feature: CLI command to execute the product registration.


Correction applied on the background exportation of CSV reports.


Correction applied on the removal of MAC objects from the filtering rules.

BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.1 10/15/2018

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.1

  • Improvements in the Dashboard
  • Improvements in the Event Viewer
  • Improvements in the Policy Panel
  • Security policies with option to disable logs
  • Security policies with option to reject
  • Tool to simulate traffic and locate policy
  • Tool to detect conflicting policies
  • Disk maintenance tool
  • Multilink with support for multiple configuration profiles
  • Multilink with LoadBalance and Spillover support
  • Multilink with latency-based performance monitoring support
  • Multilink with performance-based dynamic link balancing support
  • LDAP integration for administration service
  • Multiple packet inspection sensors with integrated services (IPS / ATP / APP)
  • Deep packet inspection with support for Whitelist, Blacklist and Quarantine
  • New VPN and Authentication Reports