Content Filtering

What is it?

Content Filtering is an important security control that every company should have. It is through content filtering that network administrators can block access to malicious and illegal websites, manage the productive use of the internet in the company and control various types of downloads; determine limits of file sizes, connection time, among other filters.

Our Solutions

Quickly and easily create rules to enhance your defense-related Internet usage. BLOCKBIT UTM Content Filtering module utilizes a database of more than 40 million URLs categorized by more than 80 traffic types. Additionally, it is supported by a database of thousands of signatures from many web browsers to ensure compliance and detect the utilization of potentially non-business related applications. With BLOCKBIT Content Filtering using BLOCKBIT SSL Inspection you can analyze and screen content on secure websites (HTTPS) using all the product policies. The options for filtering include: file types, bandwidth usage, content types, HTTP headers, browsing time, network usage, download sizes, navigation time, type and version of browser and web applications.

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