Blockbit SD-WAN

Save money and maintain a secure and fast connection.

Improve the quality of connections in a
cost-effective way

Blockbit SD-WAN simplifies corporate connectivity to distributed networks, cloud environments and remote devices. The solution provides flexibility, centralized management and monitoring. It helps you ensure your business continuity through high-performance WANs using low-cost internet access.

Application-Aware Routing

The Application-Aware Routing feature adds a layer of intelligence in routing traffic across the WAN. Through a deep data flow analysis service, it is possible to create routing policies based on the context of known network applications.

Dynamic Path Selection

With the Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) feature, companies can intelligently route network traffic between devices distributed over the same WAN. This functionality results in a more efficient network service and ensures traffic speed for applications.

WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization is a comprehensive solution for better performance of your WAN and provides intelligent bandwidth management. This reduces network overhead and removes unnecessary traffic for a better performance between connections.

WAN Aggregation & Link Failover

WAN Aggregation and Link Failover are features that allow the intelligent and economical use of various types of public links in the same equipment to connect networks over the internet. The feature eliminates the need to purchase additional devices and ensures connectivity.

WAN Edge Security

Blockbit SD-WAN integrates all security features in a single solution, with Next-Generation Firewall capabilility: ATP, IPS, SWG and VPN . As a result, companies are able to improve application performance with end-to-end security.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a new feature in the centralized management service. Through a native cloud service, ZTP allows you to provision network settings and simply connect the appliance to the network and apply the appropriate settings to the unit.

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