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ataques phishing

5 ways you could be a victim of a Phishing attack

Phishing is a social engineering procedure that usually involves using a fake message or email to deceive the user and convince them to take action to benefit the cybercriminal. According to Google, websites used for phishing attacks have grown 211% since 2017 and have become the great alternative for identity

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coronavírus e cibersegurança

No one is safe: Coronavirus and cybersecurity

Coronavirus has put the entire world on high alert. There are many reasons one could point out: the spread across the planet has shown that the virus is faster and lethal than we could imagine. What few people know, however, is that Coronavirus has increasingly represented a digital threat. Cybercriminals

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Promote a secure remote work experience

Does your company allow employees to use personal devices to access corporate platforms? Probably yes. And this is a good business practice for those who need to work remotely, either in an outside meeting or on a business trip. Enabling remote access is the first step for businesses that want

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types of phishing

Be alert to frequent types of phishing

Deceitful messages are frequent vectors to promote digital scams. Key targets include theft of information and privileges, installation of unwanted or malicious applications, and the infection of multiple devices connected in a corporate network. However, at times the user cannot identify that a message is part of a malicious campaign,

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