Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall

High performance digital security.

The best Next-Generation Firewall
for your company

Blockbit NGFW is a state-of-the-art, high-performance corporate firewall that combines advanced access controls and network segment protection in a single solution. It includes a web content filter, deep packet inspection (DPI), advanced threat protection (ATP) and intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Deep Packet Inspection

Blockbit NGFW offers deep packet inspection and encrypted traffic capabilities that enable rapid policy creation to allow, deny or restrict access to applications or entire categories of applications.

Intrusion Prevention System

Blockbit IPS register logs of incidents and enhances the visibility of the IT team. The team can then actively identify information about suspicious traffic that tries to exploit vulnerabilities.

Advanced Threat Protection

Blockbit ATP brings cybersecurity intelligence togehter to identify multiple threats and attack techniques. It also offers comprehensive protection for known, unknown and targeted threats.

Secure Web Gateway

Blockbit Secure Web Gateway (SWG) manages users' access to web resources, preventing risky or unproductive behavior at your company or remotely.

Virtual Private Network

Blockbit VPN integrates the two main techniques of creating communication tunnels between remote devices, adding layers of encryption to ensure connection privacy.

Global Security Management

Blockbit GSM defines configuration models for centralized management (Manager) of multiple security devices and consolidates traffic logs and events (Analyzer).

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