Protect your business
and yourself

In the face of COVID-19, we are taking care of ourselves,
but your safety is also our priority.

Check our position regarding the situation for our customers and channels

How to prevent contagion

Just a few precautions to protect yourself and prevent contagion from COVID-19.

Wash your hands with soap and water or gel alcohol.
When sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth with your arm or handkerchief.
Do not share personal items.
Avoid crowds.
Keep professional and personal objects clean.

How Blockbit keeps your business safe

We have cybersecurity solutions that guarantee the protection of your business and the productivity of your employees.


Blockbit customers already have the security necessary for remote work, without having to purchase additional hardware.

With our VPN, it is possible to enable communication from your employees who work from home with network resources, extend the connection between central offices and branches of your business, in addition to gaining flexibility to create SSL VPN or IPSec VPN networks.

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2.0 Version

The new version comes with new resources that, in addition to improving the operation of all features, make it easier to manage your security devices, reduce implementation time and provide significant financial savings.

One of the main differentials is the Zero-touch, a feature that finds the settings automatically and distributes them to different points.

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If you are not yet a customer and do not have a cybersecurity solution, we are available to answer any questions about our platform. If you prefer, you can also request a quote.

Even working from home office, our specialists are ready to help you in this adaptation period.

If you want any information about Information Security, even if the matter has nothing to do with us at Blockbit, we have a specific email address for you to contact us:

Free materials

Get access to countless free materials, from eBooks to videos, produced especially for you who are looking for more information on Information Security, especially in this quarantine period.

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