Virtual Private Network

Secure communication to any device

Enable communication of your remote users with network features;

Expand the connection between headquarters and branch offices in your business;

Gain the flexibility to create VPN SSL or VPN IPSec networks;

Encrypt sensitive information and prevent interception attacks;

Use tunnels compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and Linux.

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Create tunnels quickly and efficiently

Greater privacy and no data leakages

VPN integrates the two key techniques for establishing communication tunnels between remote devices, through the addition of layers of encryption and authentication to ensure privacy in the connection, such as in local area networks, data centers and cloud-hosted applications.

In addition to peer-to-peer protection, you can grant privileged access for each user profile or group policy.

Networks built using VPN make it easy to connect with the main operating systems, with or without the need for additional software for remote access.

IPSec or SSL?

With VPN, you can create the type of secure communication tunnel you prefer.

IPSec VPN tunnels are designed to establish permanent connections between two private networks. However, the implementation of SSL VPN enables the connection between mobile devices and the network perimeter via authenticated access. In either case, encryption is used to protect your business data.

Safe data anywhere

Access your network from anywhere

Allow your users to access their network from anywhere without the need to install any additional software

Block interception attack

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, SSL interception and other emerging data mining techniques

Stress-free data sharing

Safely send data to your customers and partners with ensured protection both in the layer of transport and applications

Integrate easily

Implement VPN tunnels that support Hub and Spoke architectures, Full Mesh and Star topologies, and are compatible with the main operating systems

Adopt Double Authentication Factor

Add a new layer of protection with a second authentication factor via digital certificate, raising the security level of the access

Choose your tunnel

Implement the most suitable technique for tunnel creation in each case or implement hybrid models

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