We offer services to all businesses, regardless of size or segment.​

By Company Size

Small Business

Blockbit allows you to successfully face your challenges that come as your business grows, with the best cost benefit in the market.

Enterprise and Mid-size Business

With the Blockbit Platform, you will get the highest performance with the lowest price to keep your organization and branches productive and secure.

By Specific Needs

Cloud Security

Comprehensive unified threat management that enhances network security and performance by adding a set of protection features.

Network Security

With Blockbit Platform, you have the optimal network security according to your needs. Centralized and simple management of multiple appliances.


The Blockbit Platform ensures the perimeter of your environment and assists in compliance with various data protection laws.

By Segment

Telecom and Internet Providers

Take no risks and further increase the productivity and quality of your telecom service with high security and full availability.


Digital security plays a crucial role in healthcare. Increase your perimeter protection and prevent invasions and theft of patient data.


Keep all your customers' information safe and ensure your team's productivity with Finance solutions from Blockbit.


Blockbit delivers the most innovative cybersecurity control, with quality and availability to the government systems with the best network security.


Blockbit has a broad portfolio of cybersecurity solutions for Retail. Keep your sales highly secure and productive.