Complete protection for your

Obtain the highest performance with the lowest price to keep
your organization and branches productive and secure.

Obtain the highest performance with the lowest price to keep your organization and branches productive and secure.

Complete protection for your infrastructure​

For enterprise and mid-size business, weak protection may result in costly and irreversible damage to their reputation in the long run.

As technology develops, cyber threats are also evolving and becoming more challenging by the day. Therefore, it is vital to know how to choose the right solution that goes beyond easy protection. One must bear in mind the crucial need to prevent attacks, detect threats, respond to incidents and predict failures.

With the Blockbit Platform, you will have the most complete and innovative solution in the market with the best cost-benefit.

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Intuitive and centralized management​

The centralized management, flexibility and cost reductions are major advantages for the IT staff. With the Blockbit Platform, you gain all of it and increase the productivity of your department.

With our solutions, you can remotely set up all edge devices by setting the same configuration at once amongst your branch offices. Communication links will be managed from a central control, whether it is the main network or the head office.

In order to bring geographically distant offices together, the Blockbit Platform offers technology that efficiently and securely defines the connection between local networks, ensuring cost savings and reducing the complexity in infrastructure.

Compliance with all regulations​

Our solutions support the making of rules to help compliance with information security policies and data protection laws, a topic that should be of interest to any organization, regardless of the segment.

Confidential documents and data require encrypted protection. The Blockbit Platform controls privileges make sure that only authorized users access information, reducing the risk of leakage of any strategic data.

Prioritize the security of all your data​

Every organization faces the imminent and current need to properly secure their information.

With the Blockbit Platform, all your data will be protected with intelligence and multiple layers of security, providing broad coverage to define customized rules for protection.

The different modalities ensure protection of devices, e-mail accounts and web platforms, evaluate traffic and can be encrypted to share confidential information.

Customized support​

Problems to contact the appropriate support or to speak directly to the manufacturer is not a part of the reality of a Blockbit customer.

You will have a native and specialized support that works 24x7x365 to efficiently solve your organization’s queries.

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