Cyber Defense for Federal, State or Municipal government.

 Cyber Defense for Federal, State or Municipal government.

Protecting critical public information

With digital transformation, governments expand their services to new platforms with higher complexity. Since more crucial information is being brought to the web, strategic services such as health, education, critical infrastructure and public safety are increasingly suffering from cyber attacks, which happen more often every year.

That’s why Blockbit delivers the most innovative cybersecurity control, with quality and availability to the government systems.

Our technologies increase the visibility and intelligence of the environment to protect strategic executive information and citizens’ personal data.


Compliance first

Our solutions will hep you create rules to comply with security policies and data protection laws, a topic that should be part of the routine of any organization, regardless of the segment.

Confidential documents and data need encryption protection. The Blockbit Platform controls privileges that ensure that only authorized users access information, which reduces the risk of any strategic data leaking.

Approved Technology for the Government

The Blockbit Platform is approved by several public procurement notices, which gather suppliers whose technology has been certified by specialists from the Brazilian Government.

Advanced threat containment​

While adopting traditional tools to protect data and control their environments, government institutions need constant cybersecurity intelligence updates to ensure data sovereignty. In addition, they must update their technologies to keep up with the sophistication of cybercrime.

Blockbit adds new controls so that the government can face new threats more assertively.

Prevention against denial of service attack (DDoS).

Identification of malicious patterns in unknown applications.

Cryptography for inspection, transport and storage of data.

Prevention against the loss and theft of sensitive data.

Detection of intrusion attempts on platforms and systems.

Efficient connection between government agencies​

To bring geographically distant offices together, Blockbit offers technology that defines the connection between local networks in an intelligent, fast and secure way, while ensuring cost reduction and reducing infrastructure complexity.

Sensitive data protection

The sensitive data of public agencies is intelligently protected by the Blockbit Platform, with several layers of security, which provide broad coverage in order to define custom protection rules.

The modalities cover the protection of personal devices, email accounts, web platforms, evaluate traffic and encrypt for sharing confidential information.

You can also control privileges and get granular access to a complete platform of reports and logs, ensuring privacy of sensitive data.

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