Industry 4.0

Digital protection solutions for IoT and IA production equipment.

Security and high availability for Industry 4.0

Technology has arrived to improve all levels of the corporate world and, with the inevitable advance of innovative solutions, the era of Industry 4.0 grows, a term that represents the use of the most modern production line and internal processes in companies in the sector, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By adopting digital transformation, however, organizations will not only benefit from benefits. The more connected, the more exposed to cybercrime they will be. For this reason, there’s a latent need for cybersecurity solutions that solve exactly the pain of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

High security

The factories follow a path of no return towards innovation. The production lines have become increasingly intelligent and provided with logical devices, such as IoT and robots, which play an extremely important role in the manufacture of their products. Consequently, all of these systems need protection.

If improperly accessed, production can be harmed to extreme levels, such as sabotage, poisoning and equipment with a low level of safety and quality for the final consumer.

With the Next-Generation Firewall, a cutting-edge cybersecurity feature integrated into the Blockbit Platform, Industry 4.0 now has a secure environment for virtual intrusions, with advanced application management and rule creation per user, in addition to high threat protection layers known, unknown and targeted.

In addition, the Blockbit Platform enables network segmentation, separating the connection from production equipment and encrypting the remote access of users who monitor it.

Uninterrupted production line

Like security, availability is also a high priority issue in Industry 4.0. More and more connected, a factory needs resources that prevent the shutdown of its systems.

With Blockbit SD-WAN, both web browsing and VPN capabilities for remote work will bring high availability to your environment, with encrypted path routing.

SD-WAN networks rely on intelligent traffic routing. That is, there are rules that define error tolerance. These metrics are used to evaluate the quality of the links and prioritize the delivery of network traffic based on performance indicators.

In practice, this operation results in a more efficient service, not only because it balances traffic according to the priority of each application, but also because the SD-WAN implements native redundancy, that is, if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the software automatically switches to an available link.

Ideal solution for Industry 4.0

Firewall with application management and creation of rules per user.

Centralized management, to monitor the network of several branches in a single intuitive panel.

Secure and productive remote work with VPN.

Web proxy for application control to improve productivity.

Cluster availability to increase availability.

Secure invoice issuance.

Traffic prioritization to give preference to what is productive.

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