Next Generation Firewall

What is it?

Firewall is a system for protecting computers on a private network from intrusions coming from a public network, by filtering all packets circulating on the network. Its use is of utmost importance because the volume of attempted intrusions to a company’s network or system currently identified. The Next Generation Firewall is designed to protect your organization’s confidential information through security controls used to prevent the invasion of malicious programs on the network. These controls contain access permissions to services and ports, which by default are configured to prohibit all safety parameters and connections, integrated with security policies, SSL Interception, package filters and NAT.

Our solutions

BLOCKBIT UTM replaces the traditional firewall and integrates with other modules within the BLOCKBIT platform, resulting in a greater ability to blocking attacks. BLOCKBIT UTM Next Generation Firewall has the ability to combine simplicity with safety in the rules creation process, allowing you to create policies for applications, users, groups, schedules and other features not available in conventional firewalls. The firewall security policies can be managed through the interface, such as IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports, MAC addresses and group policies.

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