Innovative secure email gateway product that has an Anti-Spam with state-of-art heuristic analysis, a built-in Antivirus, sophisticated Anti-Phishing and an advanced Data Loss Prevention capability

Powerful and Simple-to-Manage

Email is the most common form of communication used in the corporate world. 80% of the emails contain spam and over 10% of those emails contains malicious content. Protecting your email service with a secure email gateway that includes Anti-Spam and Antivirus is vital.

BLOCKBIT SMX is an Email Firewall and Secure Gateway while having all the features of an Email Server. The Email Firewall allows you to create thousands of conditions to determine if a message is allowed into your organization. It also has an Anti-Spam feature with heuristic analysis, built-in Antivirus, Anti-Phishing and an advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability.

In addition, SMX can integrate with other email systems like Exchange as well as operating as a standalone instance playing the role of a Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP/S (MTA) or a Mail Retrieval Agent – IMAP/S with flexible deployment options.

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BLOCKBIT SMX users get SmartFolder in their mailboxes to handle messages that were delivered as SPAM and also foldersthat help them manage their listings (Whitelist / Blacklist), without the need to leave the comfort of their email client, such asOutlook for desktop or a mobile email client.

Advanced Heuristic Analysis

BLOCKBIT SMX is a complete anti-spam that meets the various RFCs for SPAM controlling and combating. It also includes aheuristic analysis module that can receive feedback from users through the SmartFolder, achieving an accuracy rate of over 99%.

Multi-Conditional Policies (Email Firewall)

Infinite combinations for conditions can be created on SMX to determine whether or not a message should be sent orreceived. With this flexibility, it is practically impossible not to meet the diverse demands for control that you may have.

Unique Instance Storage

The UIS (Unique Instance Storage) is a feature that does not allow the same message sent to a group of users to beduplicated, saving on storage and backup costs. Crucial for cloud systems and larger environments.


All compliance, anti-spam and malware analyses are made during the message transport time, eliminating the need for amessage processing queue in parallel. Thus, eliminating the delays on sending and receiving messages.

Storage Encryption

With this feature enabled messages stored by BLOCKBIT SMX are not violated even when intercepted. Even a “sysadmin” withunrestricted access to the stored messages will not have access to the information.

Native Archiving

BLOCKBIT SMX has a native email archiving system, without the need to purchase any additional system or module. The archivingis done through policies based on the company’s needs and can be accessed by any email client via the SmartFolder.

Native Cluster

BLOCKBIT SMX offers a native cluster of email services to meet the different sizes of companies and numbers of mailboxes. Thesystem can operate in GRID mode providing high availability and service balancing.
Key Features

SMX has a powerful Anti-Spam tool but is enchanced through self learning validation algorithms and has several security databases that are generated and maintained by our Intelligence Lab. The Anti-Spam tool also includes the analysis of Mail Compliance based on a set of actions and conditions for content filtering and policies to receive and send messages with a maximum level of prevention against violations in message handling. Furthermore, in addition to RFCs, Blacklist, Whitelist and Mail Reputation maintained by our Intelligence Lab, our Anti-Spam offers the SmartFolder feature that captures the messages reclassification actions available on email clients from IMAP connections.


SMX includes an internal Antivirus/Anti-Malware feature that is updated several times a day searching for new threats that can infect your network. SMX scans the file, separates the items by content type (e.g. HTML, Doc, Flash, Zip, Exe, BATS, VBS, OCTET STREAM, JPEG, GIF, MPEG, PNG, TIF, etc) and analyzes the compliance rules even before delivering the email to the user’s mailbox.  Additionly, BLOCKBIT Anti-Malware detects and blocks incoming or outgoing messages infected by known and unknown viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, spyware, in real-time which dramatically reduces the number of false positives.


Configured over multiple defensive layers, our Anti-Phishing technology combats and stops phishing attacks that bypass security systems previously deployed within your network. SMX allows you to implement conditional policies blocking messages that contain links. Additionally, it blocks messages from known malicious senders and has a heuristic learning system that blocks emails containing messages that have been previously blocked as phishing attempts.

DLP - Data Loss Prevention

SMX takes care of both your inbound and outbound emails protecting you from external and internal threats. Through the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability SMX helps protect your confidential information from data-leak incidents. Policy configuration using regular expressions identifying sensitive information inside any message is possible along with defining actions after an event takes place. These actions include block, alert, send a copy, reroute and sending a captcha. Rules can be applied to everyone or only specific Active Directory groups, users and email accounts amongst other. Compliance with industry standards (PCI, SOC, HIPAA etc) is user-friendly and easy.

Email Firewall

SMX uses Email Firewall technology with Multi-Conditional Policies. Through its actions and conditions SMX can utlize millions of rule combinations in order to meet the specific compliance needs of your company. Issues with emails that were impossible to solve are easily resolved using a friendly and intuitive interfaced powered by sophisticated engines.

Email Server

SMX has a powerful Email Server that can act as your single messaging solution without the need for additional investments including both sending and receiving email protocols (SMTP/S, IMAP/S). Our email server utilizes SmartFolder that allows the user to interact with their Quarantine, Whitelist and Blacklist through your favorite mail client without the need to use portals or other tools. Another key differentiator is the Unique Instance Storage (UIS) technology that consolidates emails with the same content maximizing storage and backup capacity along with performance gains and agility in data maintenance.

Email Archive

Many organizations are required to keep records of email communications in order to comply with standards and regulations. SMX can create Email Archiving policies allowing you to read archived emails directly from your email client (e.g. Outlook) even on smart phones. Unlike other Email Archive tools in the market SMX’s Email Archive feature is already included as part of the solution and not sold separately.

Encrypted Email

BLOCKBIT SMX Email Server enables end-to-end encryption. This means all messages stored on the server are secure. This includes attempts to physically access to the server as well. It is impossible to access the information stored, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality.

Email Reputation

SMX’s Email Reputation is a database maintained by our Intelligence Lab containing thousands of signatures to verify the qualification of the email senders. Reputation scoring is also influenced by millions of BLOCKBIT SMX users worldwide. When a user receives an email they can choose to mark it as good or bad and this information, after correlated and analyzed, feeds into the reputation database. This database is replicated inside every SMX Email Server deployed and is an effective method to protect your organization against unwanted SPAMMERS and emails.

Other Features
  • Email quota by Account, Group and General. Including Notifications
  • Mail Retrieval. Email Search on Other Servers (Pop / Imap / Pops and Imaps)
  • SmartFolder (Quarantine, Blacklist, Whitelist). Users Manage and Control their Preferences
  • Address List Sync by LDAP (MS Exchange)
  • Address Sync by LDAP
  • Customization of Automatic Responses
  • Customization of Block Messages
  • Support for Multiple Domains
  • Integration with RBL
  • Integration with TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • Email Forwarding by Condition
  • Captcha by Condition
  • Action to Reject Messages for a Limited Time
  • Condition by Reputation
  • Condition by Period
  • Filter by Regular Expression in the Message Body
  • Service Certificate Issuance
  • Third-Party Certificate Import
  • Several Types of Reports
  • Load Balancing
  • High Availability
  • Attachment Filter by MiME-Type
  • Queue-Less, Incoming Messages are Analyzed and Delivered in Real Time

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