Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced protection with Threat Intelligence

ATP integrates cybersecurity knowledge to identify multiple threats and attacks, as well as offering accurate wide protection for known, unknown and targeted threats. It additionally crosses information from suspicious patterns to identify malicious activity.

Protection against unknown attacks allows you to detect and prevent various types of attacks that have not been indexed by intelligence libraries, including Zero-Day. The product blocks, with Threat Intelligence, targeted attacks and callback.

Measure your network’s efficiency

ATP performs blocks based on geolocation and IP Reputation, meaning that it intelligently applies filters to block ill-reputed IP addresses from certain geolocations.

It protects the IT infrastructure via the incorporation of complex inspection features and application rating, producing real-time intelligence bases to detect suspicious applications, monitoring suspicious behavior of external and internal applications, blocking callbacks.

ATP facilitates risk mitigation through an intuitive, centralized platform for policy management that enables full and meticulous control of the security scenario of both the infrastructure and information.

What is a Persistent Threat?

Viruses, trojan and worms are just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays, cybercrime techniques are much more elegant and targeted. Persistent threats use distinct techniques to break into your network and exploit your data.

Identify multiple threats with better accuracy

Detect Zero-Day

Identify the manufacturer’s uncorrected exploits and immediately quarantine them to prevent movement of malicious payload on your network

Identify device hijacking attacks

Block advanced malicious botnet activity and Command & Control attacks (C&C)

Update intelligence feed daily

Stay up-to-date with signatures that protect your network by enabling daily feed updates from the Blockbit Labs

Identify the reputation of IP addresses

Block requests from negative reputation IPs in distinct categories (abusers, anonymizers, attackers, reputation, spam)

Prevent geolocation attacks

Prevent unknown IP requests from territories suspected of malicious activity from being received by your network

Inspect applications

Thoroughly evaluate application trafficking, being able to decrypt packages

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