Cloud Security

A network protection solution designed for public cloud that delivers complete and efficient features

The number of organizations using online applications and even building their perimeters in the cloud or hosting their resources on public infrastructure is rapidly growing. No longer a prospect, being in the cloud is a current demand and requires flexible and scalable security infrastructure, resulting in easier management and cost reductions.

Unified Management

Blockbit offers simple unified management of comprehensive threats, which enhances network security and performance by adding a set of features to prevent attacks, detect complex threats and respond to incidents.

These security features include:

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Next-Generation Firewall, to enforce secure traffic;

Intrusion Prevention System;

Advanced Threat Protection, including Application Control and Secure Web Gateway, to identify web-based threats;

SD-WAN with VPN features to ensure a secure connection between remote points, and many more.

Exclusive features offered

Protection of site resources and cloud connections with complex technology;

Security layers from information inspection to application control;

Easily manages multiple security devices in every location, reducing configuration errors and sharing security, compliance, and privilege rules;

Daily updates from the Blockbit Labs cybersecurity intelligence feeds;

Scales easily whenever your demands increase.

Blockbit gives you the complete visibility of your network and provides intelligent delivery through detailed, intuitive reports to make your security management easier.

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