Global Security

Security in a centralized management system

GSM increases your staff’s productivity with a comprehensive solution that provides control and UTM visibility, an advanced platform for reports (Analyzer), with storage of different types of logs, such as traffic and threats.

Network administrators will find it easier to group devices and users in templates to measure traffic, deploy the same configuration on any security control in the platform, that is firewall, IPS, secure web gateways, advanced threat protection, VPN, SD-WAN, etc.

GSM does not restrict the number of devices you can manage. Therefore, it is the perfect measure for organizations that need to quickly monitor the activity of several devices. In addition, it complies with standards set for each industry.

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Main advantages of GSM

Obtain full visibility and fine-tuned control while relieving your teams’ workload and avoiding rework;

Promptly share your policies with all security devices and reduce the risk of misconfiguration;

Collect any information regarding network activity across all branches of your organization in one intuitive and customized dashboard.

Customized support

The challenge of contacting appropriate support or speaking directly to the manufacturer is not a part of the reality of a Blockbit customer.

You will have native and specialized support working 24x7x365 to efficiently deal with your queries.

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