Intrusion Prevention System

Real-time detection and blocking of intruders

Identify known attacks based on over 21,000 intelligence signatures;

Protect vulnerable servers and applications in the network;

Identify anomalies in network protocols;

Obtain fine control of users and applications;

Update security settings with Blockbit Labs Intelligence feeds.


Stop invasion attacks with high precision

Greater efficiency, no false positives

IPS raises your network’s visibility by actively identifying information about suspicious traffic that are attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in applications and services in your network.

Your environment is ensured to be free of software-targeted threats, web applications, malformed packages, denial of service attacks (DDoS), and other emerging threats. In addition, IPS creates incident log for each type of attack identified, making reporting easier for potential incidents involving security.

Because intelligence signatures are constantly being updated by the Blockbit Labs, our IPS is highly efficient at identifying new malicious sources and reducing the occurrence of false positives.

The full scope of anonymous network

Identify over 21,000 suspicious activities

Automatically updated intrusion activity intelligence bases with feeds from Blockbit Labs

Control the productivity

Manage your users' productivity by controlling access to web applications and easily manage your rules via the application layer

Create customized policies by asset

Gain freedom to develop IPS policy targeted at each asset in the network, successfully establishing compliance with your security policy

Identify distinct types of attack

Protect your network from attacks of privilege gain, vulnerability exploitation and data theft, such as SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Block invasion attempts

Implement the transparent mode and detect intrusion attempts on operating systems, protocols, network services, servers, endpoint agents without any changes in the topology

Prevent DoS attacks

Take advantage of the threat intelligence feed from Blockbit Labs, which gathers information about denial of service attacks, protecting your network services

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