Next-Generation Firewall

Combine digital security with productivity and improve your network’s protection level

The number of cyber threats grows every day around the world and it is essential to stay protected. But, your company has a state-of-the-art firewall capable of providing corporate security?

Companies increasingly seek to reconcile digital security with productivity, in order to obtain better results without leaving the environment unprotected. 

To respond satisfactorily and prevent possible threats from reaching the company’s ecosystem, it is essential to adopt the NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), the tool that allows combining security and productivity.

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Better performance without compromising the environment’s protection

NGFW 3G/4G LTE is able to intelligently monitor network trafficking. Generating threat lists, content filters, firewall rules, user profiles, URLs and connections are made possible through a unified control, producing reports that deliver analytical and practical information, whenever you need.

The next generation firewall you have always needed

NGFW 3G/4G LTE is designed to protect your company’s confidential information through security controls that prevent malicious programs from invading the network.

These controls contain access permissions to services and ports that are configured by default to block all security parameters and connections, integrating security policies, SSL interception, package filters, and NAT.

Simplicity and security in rules creation

The Next-Generation Firewall allows for the creation of policies for applications, users, groups, programming, and other features that are not available in conventional firewalls.

The firewall’s security policies can be managed through the interface, such as IP addresses, TCP / UDP ports, MAC addresses, and group policies.

Centralized management

Easily manage multiple devices with Blockbit GSM (Global Security Management), which has native integration with Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall. Manage device profiles, administration and automation, inventory and monitoring.

Compliance with data protection legislations

Blockbit’s NGFW rulemaking process maintains compliance with information security policies and data protection legislations, such as GDPR.

Your company’s confidential documents and data can be protected with encryption in all means and the platform controls privileges, ensuring that only authorized users access information, thereby avoiding the risk of strategic data loss.

Furthermore, with broad integrations, you are able to record activity from any device, network, or network segment, increasing the environment’s visibility.

A few requirements delivered by the NFGW

Security Effectiveness

An NGFW must efficiently protect against known and unknown threats (such as Zero-Day) that infect the network through lateral movement

SSL interception

An NGFW is able to intercept, decrypt, and inspect SSL / TLS protocols, resulting in a well-protected network, no longer vulnerable to threats


It must ensure high availability from network services, in a scalable way, by supporting advanced routing protocols, prioritizing efficient traffic, and ensuring business flow

Resistance to evasion techniques

Many hackers know how to circumvent defense systems. An NGFW can prevent modified basic threats that can evade security systems

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