Physical appliance

Ability to deliver maximum performance while ensuring the required stability

Implementing a security solution in an organization, be it small, medium or large, has gone from being a precaution to becoming a necessity. On top of perimeter protection, other key reasons for acquiring a fully-equipped hardware are lack of systems outage and guaranteed stability to avoid productivity drops.

Blockbit addresses two important issues: it centralizes and mediates traffic; it also has a more attractive value for money when compared to server deployments.

It is a feature that integrates high quality functionality, without the need for any additional configuration, all in a single closed system.

The ultimate solution in security and performance

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Regarding architecture, the Physical Appliance mediates communication of your external network with your internal infrastructure. It functions as a port receiving and evaluating the entire data flow, restricting packets considered malicious from reaching the devices connected to your network.

In terms of performance, the physical equipment meets every technical requirement in order to employ functions of security software to their full capacity. Providing 100% processing power to the firewall functionality, it results in improved performance and greater stability.

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Get the most from our solution

By using our Physical Appliance, you gain maximum performance and guaranteed stability.

In addition to all the current features, our physical solution was designed to offer the greatest potential. Standard virtualizers can limit performance by consuming up to 50% of host server resources.

Unlike our hardware, which will provide 100% processing capacity for firewall functionality, thus providing improved performance and greater stability.

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