Modernity and flexibility

SD-WAN is the right choice

Software-defined networks, known as SD-WAN, are a technology that simplifies the administration and operation of a WAN, making communication between distant points easier and more secure through the employment of virtual networks.

The use of SD-WAN results in significant reductions in cost, optimization of time and easy management.

Need more technical details about SD-WAN?

You do not need to face situations such as:

Paying for dedicated links;

Experiencing delays in data distribution;

High latency, package loss and high bandwidth consumption;

Redesigning the architecture every time a new point is created.

SD-WAN solves all the problems above and introduces mobility to your IT department – and therefore to your business.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is an approach for network architecture that enables communication between long-distance networks. The technology is designed to manage links of different types (MPLS, 3G, 4G, ADSL, cable, fiber, among others) and uses software to determine quality parameters, thereby choosing the most efficient way to connect multiple sites.

More modern SD-WAN networks are able to integrate security policies as a criterion for connection quality, raising the quality level in network services and reducing link management costs.

Mobility and security

With SD-WAN, growing connection points within your business is no longer a concern, either for branch office networks or cloud usage.

The need to implement security controls at the central perimeter and concentrate the most strategic data in this network ceases to exist. By acquiring SD-WAN technology, you provide access to information outside the headquarters, either in the branch office or in a cloud application.

Nevertheless, all this mobility creates the challenge of introducing and securing remote devices, cloud infrastructures and applications.

However, SD-WAN technology solves this primarily with authentication definitions managed by software rules, employing encryption in the tunnels connecting users and adopting additional security layers that ensure data integrity.

Intelligent traffic routing

SD-WAN networks rely on intelligent traffic routing. That is, there are rules that define error tolerance. These metrics are the basis for assessing link quality and prioritizing network traffic delivery based on performance indicators.

In practice, this results in a more efficient service, not only by balancing traffic according to the priority of each application, but also because SD-WAN implements native redundancy, i.e. if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the software automatically switches to a new available link.

The right investment for your business

Increase the quality of your service

By employing SD-WAN technology, the time between the user request and service implantation becomes faster. Software-defined networks improve the performance of the applications, which means fewer calls to the IT department

Avoid user frustration

the optimization of the user experience is differentiated with SD-WAN for both the end user and the network administrator

Content filters

Every web activity needs to be monitored, and content filtering features rank millions of URLs by category, allowing for a finer control of your access permission policies and browsing

Convenient and customized support

You will have adequate support and will be able to speak directly with the manufacturer. The Blockbit customer service team works 24x7x365, to promptly solve your business questions.

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