Secure Web Gateway

Improve productivity and security for your users with web filters

Gain more visibility into your users’ activities and use the information to manage network resources;

Evaluate the reputation of URLs, browsers, files and web applications;

Inspect HTTPS content and identify encrypted malicious charges;

Detect and block applications that cause a decrease your users’ productivity;

Update security settings automatically with the Blockbit Labs Intelligence feeds.

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Improved productivity, no threat exposure

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) manages how your users access web resources, preventing risky or unproductive behavior inside your company.

You control the use of applications and access to content on websites that are considered appropriate by your company policy, while controlling pages classified as inappropriate or dangerous by the Blockbit Labs’ cybersecurity intelligence feed.

The feature of content filtering introduces a more efficient protection for your users from internet threats, enabling thorough traffic inspection, as well as preventing delivery of packages with encrypted malicious payload. 

In addition to these features, you can create and manage rules intuitively and quickly, on top of being able to set the standards necessary to keep your users in compliance with the corporation policy.

Efficient content filtering

SWG has a database of more than 40 million URLs classified into 80 types of categories to ensure compliance and detection applications use that are likely unrelated to your business.

Enabling filtering and SSL Inspection makes it possible to analyze and evaluate content on secure websites (HTTPS), using all of the product’s policies, which leads to an increase in the efficient application of internet usage policy, finally improving online security.

Filtering options include: file types, bandwidth usage, content types, HTTP headers, browsing time, network usage, download sizes, browser type and version, web categories, and web applications.

Full integration

For increased security, SWG is fully and easily integrated with other products in the Blockbit Platform, as well as taking advantage of intelligence information generated by the Blockbit Labs.

Evaluate complex threats – With ATP’s full potential for advanced analysis to detect suspicious behavior from external and internal applications, blocking callbacks and additional activity of malicious addresses.

Identify suspicious presence – The combination with IPS helps you block complex attack attempts from denial of service, Web application attacks, privilege gain and information theft attempts.

Rank risks – By accessing to the intelligence base, you can apply finer filters to ensure application usage compliance. The Blockbit Labs are tirelessly working to discover new signatures to raise the level of WEB traffic security in your company.

Enable internet usage in an intelligent way

Control web application

Easily manage access to over 1,000 web applications, including social networking and services in the cloud

Prevent risky behavior

Prevent access to infected websites and avoid attacks of web credential theft, and other threats such as phishing

Inspect encrypted traffic

Apply advanced protection and control of encrypted content (HTTPS), including content filters for users, groups, and categories

Browse safely

Enable search engine security filters to prevent inappropriate content from appearing in the search results

Elevate business productivity

Set access times to web applications and URLs, time quotas, and category browsing, and set download limits

Integrate advanced technologies to protect your environment

Combine other Blockbit technologies for an even higher protection: URL filters, IPS, and ATP.

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