Unified Threat Management

Complete and intuitive security management

Identify and block attacks and potentially suspicious applications prior to them accessing your network;

Simplify management and the protection of networks, users, connections and multiple assets;

Block elegant attacks and complicated threats from a single device;

Control web browsing and promote more productivity for your team;

Define security policies, compliance and access levels;

Enable encrypted and secure communication between remote devices and your network.


Measure your network’s efficiency

More features, fewer risks

UTM 3G/4G LTE facilitates the administration of your network, improves the performance of your resources, and raises the level of your data’s security, ensuring high performance of advanced technologies against potential malicious attacks and digital threats, besides ensuring the best price.

Traffic monitoring tasks with a robust next-generation firewall are optimized with cutting-edge security controls and aligned with key trends seen in the cybersecurity industry.

Therefore, your organization can acquire complete layered protection to identify and block intruders and potentially suspicious applications even before these enter your network; it can also securely enable communication of remote devices via encryption.

You can manage every resource using an intuitive interface that gathers information about your network’s security status and quickly processes data for you to be confident in your decision making process about the security level of your environment.

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Deployment Flexibility

Physical, virtual or cloud appliance?

You can choose the type of UTM 3G/4G LTE implementation that best fits your business routine.

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How to prevent a security incident?

Any business can fall victim to cyber-attacks. But those having a well-structured security plan and a clear process about how to best respond to incidents may avoid a lot of damage.

The multilayered protection your business needs

Protection against many threats

Block different types of malicious activity, including exploits, and infected websites, from a single device able to integrate multiple security technologies

Increase productivity

Track all activity on your network from an easy-to-use dashboard and control resources as needed in real time

Reduce operational costs

Consolidate complex security features and network management into a single device, relieve the workload of your IT staff and simplify your infrastructure

Ensure availability

Keep your environment up and running with native support for high availability implementations

Decrease configuration errors

Define security policies, compliance and access levels; share with all of your users, devices and locations, reducing errors

Centralize all environment rules

Efficiently control access with policy applications by user groups that simply and innovatively unifies resource

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