Virtual Appliance

Greater scalability, Infra optimization and faster disaster recovery

Have you ever considered the advantages posed by virtualizers in the expansion of resources involved in network monitoring and data security of your company?

The Blockbit Virtual Appliance is the solution designed to provide complete protection of the network perimeter, preventing undesired access in every instance. These are the same protection features as a physical peripheral, allowing for application control, QoS, Deep Inspection and others driven by our technology.

High performance

The Virtual Appliance provides a state-of-the-art security service in every point of your network, which does not affect performance efficiency.

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The features are specifically designed to our highly efficient security system and they ensure that the firewall performance throughput is one of the highest in the industry, making sure that there are no delays in your network’s infrastructure.

Optimize your infrastructure

Blockbit’s network management and security platform is available in different implementation models, allowing you to optimize your infrastructure as the business evolves.

Tailor your implantation

Every Blockbit model is approved and can be implemented on the leading hypervisors available in the market.

The implementation of Blockbit on virtual machines leads to several advantages:

Reduce operational costs

Decreases the complexity in the servers

Gain flexibility

Recovers faster from incidents

Isolate hardware failures

Install easily

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