The Blockbit Platform ensures the perimeter of your environment and aids compliance with a variaty of regulations

To be compliance with rules and laws required for each industry is the responsibility of any organization, include to avoid legal consequences that could be a irreversible damage to the company’s finances and reputation.

For instance, the LGPD (General Personal Data Protection Act) in Brazil, created in similarity to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, will come into force in 2020. It demonstrates the increasing concern for collection and storage of personal data around the world.

In most of the cases, failure to comply with legislations lead to penalties in the form of fines, illustrating the mandatory compliance under each legislation.

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The Blockbit Platform is able to detect compliance flaws in security policies according to specific standards set for each industry and its regulations.

Easy management of information security by identification of violations that could be mitigated or rectified.

The platform ensures encrypted protection of confidential documents and data and grants privilege control access over information to authorized users only, avoiding the risk of your company losing strategic data.

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