Financial transaction data security

Keep all your customers’ information safe and ensure your team’s productivity.

Don't be a victim of cybercrime

Financial services are highly targeted by cybercriminals as they deal with confidential information. There are countless data collected, transactions and exchange of daily documentation. Imagine, then, suffering a virtual attack, losing all that and still shaking trust with your customers?

Unfortunately, many companies are at risk because they do not have a cybersecurity solution that efficiently protects their entire infrastructure.

Theft and loss of data can originate in many different ways. From a vulnerability exploited in your corporate network to a simple click on a phishing email. That is, any and all companies, small or large, with few or many customers, can be a victim of cybercrime.

You need to pay full attention to the following situations:

User protection and secure internet access

You must be concerned about the actions of criminal groups that carry out extortion and increasingly use ransomware and phishing attacks on employees and customers.

Security Policies

More than ever, cybersecurity must have control over vulnerability management. Any small mistake is big. Whether human or not.

Data and transactions

In addition to the theft of corporate information, there's also the possibility of theft of customer data, account and password access, card numbers and, especially, money.


Customers will only trust your business if they feel secure. Any data leakage means a sharp drop in reputation in the market.

Solutions to all of these problems on a single platform

Blockbit provides the digital security your company needs. In addition to preventing external attacks, our features also ensure internal visibility, so you have control over everything your users access.

All of this on a single dynamic, modern and functional platform.

High security throughout its perimeter

Designed to ensure the protection of your company’s confidential information, Next-Generation Firewall prevents malicious programs from invading your network through security controls.

These controls contain permissions to access services and ports that, by default, are configured to prohibit all security parameters and connections, integrating security policies, SSL interception, packet filters and NAT.

Maintain productivity in times of high demand

At certain times of the year, companies linked to financial services, such as banks and accounting offices, must make specific demands, with maximum efficiency and, of course, security.

Everything gets more complicated with the relocation of employees to work from home and the need to have a safe and productive operational structure for the home office.

The Blockbit Platform solves this problem, as you maintain the productivity of your remote employees as if they were in the office. In addition to ensuring high protection, preventing cybercriminals from exploiting loopholes in home Wi-Fi networks to break into your corporate network and steal sensitive information.

Focus on your employees

With Blockbit Platform’s user management, you can define privileges, allow or restrict access to applications and web addresses, determine how much bandwidth should be available for download and have even more control, leaving your users more and more focused on the business.

In addition, avoid access to infected websites, attacks to steal web credentials and threats that can arrive via email, such as phishing.

Optimize your business management

The Blockbit Platform presents a didactic and clean usability dashboard: easily visualize and monitor the system, with the possibility of provisioning resources, in real time, according to your need.

The centralized panel also offers scheduling and exporting reports in multiple formats, such as HTML, PDF and CSV.

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