Protecting sensitive information from the public sector

Cyber defense at any level: federal, state or municipal

Digital transformation causes governments to expand their services to new platforms and increase their complexity. By bringing information to the web, key services such as health, education, infrastructure, and public safety are increasingly being victim of cyber-attacks, which are growing every year.

This is why Blockbit delivers the most innovative cybersecurity control, with quality and availability to the public sector systems.

Our technologies are able to increase the environment’s visibility and intelligence to protect the strategic executive information and citizen’s personal data.

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Compliance as top priority

Our solutions support the creation of rules to aid compliance with information security policies and data protection legislations, a theme that should be a routine part of any organization, regardless governmet or private industry.

Confidential documents and data require encrypted protection. The Blockbit Platform controls privileges designed to ensure that only authorized users access information, reducing the risk of leakages of strategic data.

Government-approved Technology

The Blockbit Platform is approved by several public service announcements, which only includes suppliers whose technology is certified by experts.

Advanced Threat Containment

Even following the adoption of conventional tools to protect data and control environments, government institutions still need to constantly update cybersecurity intelligence to ensure data autonomy. In addition, they must obtain cutting-edge technologies to ascertain they are secured from the rapidly evolving cybercrime.

Blockbit integrates new controls for a more assertive threat control to the public sector

Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Prevention;

Identification of malicious patterns in unknown applications;

Encryption for inspection, transport and storage of data;

Data loss prevention;

Detection of intrusion attempts on platforms and systems;

Efficient inter-agency connection

To integrate geographically distant offices, Blockbit offers technology that efficiently and securely connects local networks, while ensures reductions in costs and decreases the complexity in the infrastructure.

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Protection of sensitive data

Sensitive government data is protected by the Blockbit Platform in an intelligent way, with multiple layers of security that provide broad coverage to design customized rules for protection.

The modalities cover protection of personal devices, e-mail accounts and web platforms; they also evaluate and encrypt traffic for the sharing of confidential information.

All of this is granted with privilege and access control expected from a platform integrated with reports and log records, ensuring the privacy of sensitive data.

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