Digital security in health

Protection of uninterrupted systems and confidentiality of your patients’ data.

Adopt digital transformation safely

Nowhere else is the impact of technology as latent as it’s on health. The digital transformation has come to put the attendance of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other aspects of health at another level.

As a result, IT managers at these companies and institutions need to pay attention to an important issue: cybersecurity. With so much equipment connected to the internal network and, sometimes, even external, a security breach can not only cause a leakage of sensitive patient data, but also paralyze the entire operating system, causing a great deal of disorder or even fatalities.

Protection of electronic records and systems

Electronic health records, such as EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record), are crucial points, which must always be protected against any type of invasion, as it contains sensitive data, such as medical records, diagnostics and test results .
The security of the systems relates not only to those of internal and external procedures, but also equipment of vital functioning for patients, such as respirators and magnetic resonance, for example.

The Blockbit Platform has innovative cybersecurity features that address these and other needs, ensuring high availability and protection of digital data.

Security and high availability

The Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), a feature integrated with the Blockbit Platform, is able to identify failures of compliance regarding security policies in accordance with the standards required by data protection laws.

The confidential documents and data of all patients have encryption protection in all media, in addition to the platform controlling privileges so that only authorized users can access information, avoiding the risk of losing sensitive data.

In addition to protection, the Blockbit Platform guarantees high availability with the Blockbit SD-WAN, which has intelligent traffic routing. Operation that results in a more efficient service, not only by balancing traffic according to the priority of each application, but also because the SD-WAN implements native redundancy, that is, if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the software automatically switches to an available link.

Usage management and policies

With Blockbit Global Security Management (GSM), it’s possible to define configuration models for centralized management of multiple devices and also create permissions and authentication policies, according to the authorized level of access to various sensitive data. In other words, in the health sector, which deals with confidential information at all times, it’s essential to monitor and analyze all events that occur in the institution’s network traffic.

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