Network Security

Efficiently protect the architecture of your network.

Your company needs to be safe

The cyber threat in the corporate world is rapidly evolving and attacks do not just apply to big companies. Even small businesses are an attractive target for hackers looking for weaknesses in any company’s security systems.
The Blockbit platform offers a complete network security solution that will allow your organization to thrive. It provides simple centralized management of multiple devices designed to increase the productivity of your department. All of this delivered to ensure the best cost and value in information security.

Next-Generation Firewall

The Next-Generation Firewall makes it easier to integrate complex policies and rules by employing addresses, users, groups, applications, threats, and services presented as unified named objects. Adoption of the NGFW will facilitate the understanding of the company’s control policies.

Safe browsing
with SD-WAN

The major security advantage of SD-WAN is the software layers. You could virtualize the WAN and control the network resources, automatically, centrally and dynamically. The software, associated with firewall, can also define how security features will be applied in each instance, as well as prioritize and assign rules to each traffic request.

The SD-WAN technology solves this challenge with management of the software rules that define the authentication and authorization allowances, encryption in the tunnels connecting end users to the cloud, and the introduction of additional layers of security to ensure the integrity of the data.

Intrusion Prevention System

The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is the latest generation system of active monitoring, to identify suspicious activity and threats in real time and block any unwarranted action on your network and devices. It also offers relevant policies for each type of network asset, offering efficient protection against potential intruders and greatly reduces false-positives. IPS increases performance and provides support to the bypass interface without the need for topology change.

The system also allows a transparent mode to anonymously obtain full visibility of the network status. The IPS signature base contains thousands of signatures organized into over 60 different categories.

Secure data with VPN

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) integrates the two main techniques for creating communication tunnels between remote devices, adding layers of encryption and authentication to ensure privacy to the remote connection.

With this, you obtain flexibility to enable secure communication anywhere between all team members with features in local networks, data centers, cloud-hosted applications, and in users’ remote devices connection. All of this includes peer-to-peer protection.

This technology makes it possible to manage privileged access for each user profile or group policies. Networks created with VPN are easily connected with major operating systems, with or without the need for additional software to obtain remote access.

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