Cybersecurity solutions for the Retail sector

Get a safe and productive sales experience, connect branches and have high availability.

Use technology to your advantage!

The digital security of retail companies in Brazil is constantly being tested. Daily, new attempts at virtual attacks are recorded. Cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated techniques to break into systems, steal sensitive data and provide denial of service attacks.

With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, it is practically impossible to put aside the use of all this technology in favor of business. The interaction with your customers, in a dynamic and automated way, takes the buying and selling experience to another level. Consequently, the security environment to be monitored becomes much more complex.

In addition to applications, Wi-Fi connections, websites and other virtual tools, point-of-sale (POS) systems are also a frequent target for cybercriminals, who take advantage of loopholes in credit and debit card readers to access sensitive data, for example.

As well as financially, the company also suffers damage to its image. After all, having a well-recognized brand makes all the difference in the business world, especially in the Retail sector. Reputation comes first!

Advanced, unified management of your entire network

Blockbit offers a unified and comprehensive management platform to companies in the Retail sector. The Blockbit Platform was developed with full integration to facilitate management and usability. Integrated solutions protect the entire network perimeter and its distributed networks.

With Global Security Management (GSM) you get complete visibility and granular control, without having to delegate a team for these activities, avoiding rework and saving resources. Moreover, you can collect all information about network activities at all branches of your organization in a single intuitive and personalized dashboard. Check out other features that belong to Blockbit’s GSM:


Consolidate traffic logs and events into a single repository and maintain compliance with cybersecurity rules and legislation.


Automatically provision settings and reduce installation time and cost. Turn on and connect the appliance to the network so that the resource finds the settings of the GSM server and obtains its settings and policies automatically and securely.


Define configuration templates and policies for centralized management of multiple security devices. Have update control and remote access, through graphical interface, in a more secure way.

Super protection against attacks

With the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) you can prevent possible threats from reaching your company’s ecosystem and also combine security and productivity.

The advanced tool protects your company’s confidential information, through security controls that prevent the invasion of malicious programs on the network. In addition to creating policies for applications, users, groups, schedules and other resources that are not available on conventional firewalls.

Better performance without leaving the environment unprotected

Safety effectiveness

Effectiveness in protecting against known and unknown threats (such as Zero-Day), which infect the network through lateral movement.


Ensure high availability of network services, in a scalable way, supporting advanced routing protocols, prioritizing traffic more efficiently and ensuring the company's business continuity.

SSL interception

Get the ability to intercept, decrypt and inspect SSL/TLS protocols, so that the network isn't vulnerable to threats.

Resistance to invasion techniques

Many attackers know how to circumvent defense systems. With NGFW, you can prevent threats that can evade security systems.

Enable secure communication between your branches

Your network expands as your company grows, which results in new demands for the safety and quality of your services. With SD-WAN, the increase in the number of connection points is no longer a concern, whether for branch network or use of the cloud.

The need to adopt security controls at its central perimeter, concentrating the most strategic data in this network, ceases to exist. Adopting SD-WAN technology, you can access information outside the headquarters, either from the branch office or through a cloud application. Modernity and flexibility for your IT management.

In addition, SD-WAN networks rely on intelligent traffic routing. That means, if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the software automatically switches to an available link.

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