Full protection for small business

An easy-to-use solution for any business.

Adopt digital transformation safely

Your network expands as your business evolves, leading to harder demands for your company’s security and service quality.

Small business often could fail to efficiently use their resources. Many organizations assume they must compromise between network performance and information security.

Blockbit allows you to successfully address both challenges by enabling you to match your technology such as big companies do, however with the best cost benefit in the market.

Everything in a single environment

The Blockbit Platform integrates multiple layers of security. These are necessary to keep your network free of threats and to deliver a high quality management of network services, reducing configuration failures.

High performance for your network

Are you experiencing interrupted network? Several reasons may influence your productivity. Misuse of links, unmanaged equipment, incorrect settings, unavailable resources, among others.

The Blockbit Platform manages every feature from a unified and intuitive dashboard that relieves workload from the IT department while facilitates the visualization of resource usage, making sure they are directed towards the most critical demands.

High-level support

The network management should simplify your day-to-day operations. Therefore, in addition to a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform, Blockbit offers a high-level technical support team to assist small organizations monitor their infrastructure at all times.

The Blockbit Platform offers native and specialized support that works 24x7x365 to efficiently solve the concerns of any customer.

Guaranteed focus of your users

Does the internet increase your productivity or cause your staff to lose focus? With the Blockbit Platform user management, small business are able to set privileges, allow or restrict access to applications and web addresses, select the amount of bandwidth available for download. Establishing higher control makes your team increasingly focused on business.

Secure data

Does your business store and share data digitally? If so, information security should be a top priority for you. Companies must adapt to the new data protection laws, such as the LGPD in Brazil and the GDPR in Europe.

Small business are not exempt from complying with such legislations. On the contrary, they could suffer dramatic consequences in the event of incidents.

Our platform offers security controls to assist on the various levels required by relevant legislations, from network’s active protection tools to log management functions, in order to gather information to report incidents.

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