Telecom and Internet Providers

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Redundant and secure remote access

Blockbit understands the integrated sale of Telecommunications companies and the needs of Internet providers. The segments offer services from different traffic exchange points, but both must bear in mind how, respectively, they must offer and maintain the security of connections, systems and services.

With a consolidated business strategy, Blockbit is present in the portfolio of large Telecom companies, and also has specialized partners that add a range of solutions to Internet providers with the Blockbit Platform.

In these segments, there are some factors that make the difference when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of services provided: redundant traffic, secure remote access and high availability.

These and other network solutions that are offered by the Blockbit Platform, meet all the needs of providing perimeter connectivity and security services, through monitoring, availability and reports with the events generated from the company’s network environment.

Native redundancy

In the wide area network (WAN), routes are defined according to the availability of the communication links and not by the application requirements. However, the provider does not evaluate routing via priority requests. Consequently, services often suffer from high latency (long data transmission response time), package loss and high throughput (transfer rate, being bandwidth-consuming).

Conversely, in software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), traffic routing is intelligent, i.e. there are rules defining error tolerance. These metrics serve to evaluate link quality, traffic monitoring and prioritization based on performance indicators.

In practical terms, this results in a more efficient service, not only by balancing traffic according to the priority of each application, but also because SD-WAN implements native redundancy, i.e. if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the technology automatically switches to a new available link.

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Experience in first place

Reducing operational costs is an attractive aspect, however it is only complementary to the ultimate operational advantages: improved performance, availability, maintenance support, ease of deployment, better visibility, increased security, management and broad control.

High-level support

Network management should simplify your day-to-day operations. Therefore, in addition to a complete and easy-to-use platform, Blockbit has a high-level technical support team to assist telecom companies.

The Blockbit Platform offers native and specialized support, working 24x7x365, to efficiently solve your queries, in any level.

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