State of the art network security product that includes all major cybersecurity capabilities such as Next Generation Firewall, IPS, VPN, Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Protection and more.

Full Protection and Easy-to-Use

Most companies in the world are vulnerable to cyberattacks and selecting the right network security systems is the first step toward protecting your enviroment. The complexity of managing multiple appliances is time consuming, cost prohibitive and requires a lot of training with the potential for mis-configuration, putting your business at risk.

BLOCKBIT UTM (Unified Threat Management) is a leading-edge all-in-one cyber security product that includes the major network security capabilities, such as Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and more. 

In a single appliance BLOCKBIT UTM provides all the protection you need while operating on every layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. It hosts the most advanced security features all managed within a user-friendly graphical web interface incorporating numerous dashboards and reports. A 24X7X365 Intelligence lab constantly enhances threat detection through meticulous research and analysis of global threats providing up to date protection. 

For more information about other features available on BLOCKBIT Intelligence Lab


Advanced Threat Protection

UTM has an innovative and sophisticated system for advanced threat protection, providing detection and real-time protection against unknown targeted attacks including advanced malware and malicious callbacks.

Advanced Application Control

Controlling policies based on addresses, services and ports is labor intensive and at times provides a false sense of security. Compounding this, the most seasoned network administrator may not have complete mastery of the protocols utilized by the various applications inside their network. UTM helps seamlessly establish these controls via the application name. Common applications like email, Skype chats, to (WEB 2.0 applications including Facebook: like, post, comment, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc). UTM has over 2,600 registered applications.

Antivírus and Anti-Malware

Count on advanced built-in Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware features to prevent unauthorized and potentially dangerous applications from running. Scan password protected files and traffic on HTTP or HTTPS protocols to prevent malicious downloads.


A timeline displaying user’s accesses, controls and threats provides a manager or other users with a comprehensive breakdown on a case by case basis.

Bandwidth Flexible Control

Completely blocking types of content is not always the best way to manage Internet resources. UTM allows bandwidth control combining types of data, web categories, browsers, applications and others.

Unified Policy Panel

Innovative access control technology unifies all UTM features in just one compliance policy, significantly reducing errors and streamlining rule creation.

Link Balancing by Policy

Like other UTM’s, our solution provides an option to manage multiple links based on security policy combining various controls whether it is by category, application, user or group, URL and network amongst others.

Clientless Remote Access

Connecting to a network via VPN Remote Access with a proprietary client is unnecessary while utilizing UTM. It is compatible with native clients along with major operating systems and mobile ones including: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
Key Features
Next Generation Firewall

We replaces the traditional firewall and integrate seamlessly with other modules inside the BLOCKBIT platform, resulting in a greater ability to blocking attacks. Our Next Generation Firewall has the ability to combine simplicity with safety during the rules creation process allowing users to create policies for applications, users, groups, schedules and other features not available within conventional firewalls.

IP Addressing, TCP/UDP ports, MAC addresses and group policies are also managed via the interface.

IPS - Intrusion Prevention System

Protect your organization’s network against SQL Injection, vulnerability exploitation, Cross-Site Scripting (XXS) and new emerging threats. BLOCKBIT UTM has an advanced IPS module that contains millions of signatures maintained by our Intelligence Lab Team that continuously updates the IPS engine. These signatures are organized in over thirty different categories including but not limited to: various operating systems, protocols, server instances and others. Additionally, the administrator has complete freedom to establish IPS policies oriented to each asset in the network through our compliance rules, significantly reducing false positives.


Incorporating has numerous encryption algorithms allows organizations the flexibility to choose the most convenient way to connect two or more networks over IPSec VPN, either through the connection of two BLOCKBIT appliances or between a BLOCKBIT appliance and other VPN services. Remote access is easily achieved through native client operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) without the need to install other applications.


We provide customers the ability to access internal applications (Citrix, RDP, VNC, SSH, Web and SMS) quickly and securely through our Web portal. The user-friendly interface allows administrators management over user access control, group policies and schedules along with maintaining the security and privacy of the VPN.

SSL Inspection

Current research shows that over 30% of web traffic is done through encrypted connections. While this guarantees the confidentiality of the data, it limits a company’s capabilities to inspect the data contained within. BLOCKBIT UTM lets you specify which traffic should be inspected through policies. Once implemented, your company has all the protection features that were once only available in open traffic, such as Advanced Threat Protection and Content Filtering.

Content Filtering

Effortlessly create rules to monitor your web traffic with UTM’s Content Filtering Module that utilizes a database of more than 80 million URLs categorized by more than 80 traffic types. Additionally, it is supported by a database of thousands of signatures from numerous web browsers ensuring compliance and assisting in the detection of unauthorized business related applications. Our Content Filtering Module utilizes our proprietary SSL Inspection allowing you to analyze and screen content on secure websites (HTTPS) utilizing all of the product policies. The options for filtering include: file types, bandwidth usage, content types, HTTP headers, browsing time, network usage, download sizes, navigation time, type and version of browser and web applications.

ATP - Advanced Threat Protection

BLOCKBIT UTM Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a feature that incorporates multiple sophisticated security technologies and the latest intelligence feeds providing detection and protection against unknown and targeted attacks. These include advanced malware (trojan, virus, worm, etc) Advanced Persistent Threats and malicious callbacks. Out Advanced Threat Protection also utilizes intelligence to block persistent attacker IP addresses based on geographic location. The ATP also contains a database of applications and traffic that recognize violations of company policy, while blocking new vulnerabilities.

WEB 2.0 Control

Web traffic is dynamic and at times un-filterable necessitating of this identification and management of Web 2.0 applications is necessary. UTM allows you to have the option to manage Internet applications that are business related. This includes the ability to manage applications such as: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc.

QoS - Quality of Service

Offering a unique QoS (Quality of service) feature, UTM allows traffic control through a configurable policy. This advanced QoS feature allows you to categorize traffic based on its severity level as well as the capability of creating bandwidth ranges and applying any rules created to them within the UTM painlessly. The prioritization of packets using DSCP and TOS protocols is also available.

High Availability Cluster

Administrators have the option of distributing the network load over two or more appliances along with a backup mode configuration which ensures high availability of services.


BLOCKBIT UTM uses dynamic routing, balancing and redundancy policies to define the most efficient way to connect your company to branch offices, remote employees, datacenters and cloud applications. All activity management is done from a single point and BLOCKBIT platform’s security features are applied to all connections.

Captive Portal

Managing guest access is a challenge for organizations. Captive Portal enables organizations are able to set the self-registration requirements, specify access control policies and let the UTM handle all subsequent security functions. The Captive Portal is also a dual purpose access control for registered users, providing an effective way for authorization.

DHCP Server

Controlling network access is a fundamental information security requirement. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server on BLOCKBIT UTM can create connection policies for IP addresses, providing access only to devices previously registered which significantly increases enterprise security.

Other Features
  • Dynamic Routing
  • VLAN
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SNMP
  • TACACs+ Authentication
  • AD VPN – Auto Discovery VPN

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