Vulnerability Assessment

What is it?

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities that may compromise the safety, performance or functionality of a system. Vulnerability scanners analyze a computer system in search of vulnerabilities, such as unpatched systems, open ports, insecure software configurations, and susceptibility to existing exploits. Correcting vulnerabilities may involve the installation of a patch, change in a security policy and a reconfiguration of software. 

Our Solutions

BLOCKBIT VCM allows you to automatically discover a wide range of vulnerabilities within a diverse environment, running authenticated and non-authenticated scans on networks and web applications, showing the controls to mitigate such vulnerabilities. With BLOCKBIT VCM you can monitor and manage vulnerabilities, hardening of your IT assets and also assists you with your patch management. With interactive dashboards and easy-to-generate reports, BLOCKBIT VCM provides monitoring of overall enterprise baseline and vulnerabilities, so you can have a holistic view of your network security. It also incorporates an innovative feature that prioritizes the remediation process based not only on the risk classification but also the availability of tools to automate the exploitation in different stages.

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