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Memcached servers, DDoS and new cybercrime strategies

By Marcel Mathias * Denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a constant concern for information security. Theoretically, this type of technique aims to support political or ideological initiatives (online protests), but cyberterrorism and competition also...

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How to measure the cost of a security incident

Security incidents can target organizations of any size, at any industry. However, how to measure the extent of the damage. In fact, measuring all the costs involved in an incident can be a challenge, but it is of great relevance for the company to know...

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Solutions for unknown breaches

Even if your company adopts quality products, with industry recognition, no company reaches 100% security. Between the lines, read the following: Every investment to identify known threats cuts cyber risks considerably. However, there always is a small...

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The more authentication the better

Passwords aren’t history, nor are they the only tools we should turn to create a safer environment for users of our products - and therefore for the protection of corporate information. For businesses, it is important to consider that using passwords as...

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The Risks of Free VPN Networks

Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections allow users and businesses to establish connections over the public network (internet) anonymously. This supposed advantage encourages the use of free private network offers. However, it is important to be alert to...

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Security focused on executives

Companies are the most logical targets for cybercrime. They hold valuable information - intellectual property, business strategy and customer data - that need security to ensure competitiveness. To protect this information, companies invest or should...

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Encryption is a must, inspection too

Cryptography applied to data traffic is an essential security technique that every company can relate. On the one hand, it is a growing demand to maintain information confidentiality, especially with the increasing number of data leakage events. However,...

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Three pillars of information security

To prevent threats or recover an ecosystem after an incident, information security is based on techniques and technologies that aim at integrity, availability and confidentiality of information. Often, we witness security incidents or threats that converge...

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Improve visibility on your network

Every network is potentially subject to several risks. To prevent incidents, information security teams have the task of selecting the best products with preventative capabilities, so to protect the ecosystem. Controls such as firewall, IPS and web content...

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Awareness is key on Safer Internet Day

The Safer Internet Day, celebrated on February 6th, is an initiative to promote more awareness to a safer use of digital resources. By 2022, 75% of the world's population will be connected to the internet. That means larger surface to cyber attacks. To...

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5 essential UTM Controls to secure your network

With the variety of cyber threats that businesses face today, the number of security features developed by the industry to address ongoing threats and imminent risks is also varied. As we often remember, a comprehensive security approach needs integrated...

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Cybersecurity in numbers

Number of cyber attacks grows around the world. Ransomware attacks cost businesses billions. Lack of security experts affects technology industry. News about the growth of digital threats has been frequent in the information security field. They alert...

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Next-generation firewall: why and how to choose

You have heard that firewall is the essential security barrier of a network ecosystem. As a perimeter control, the main function of a firewall is to assess traffic permission from a pre-established set of rules in accordance with the security and...

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How is crypto mining a threat?

Cryptocoins are filling a relevant role in cybersecurity issues. Not only with the surge of ransomware attacks, which use blockchain logs to make it difficult to track ransom transactions, but these type of encrypted currency also involves the mining...

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Four recommendations to protect your data

Information is a strategic resource for any organization. Companies at any level deal with data, which if involved in loss or leakage incidents generate several issues. So, how could companies better protect their information? Check below our...

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