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Security on the internet

The internet is one of the great revolutions of the past decades and has changed the way people communicate and consume information. By 2022, 75% of the world's population will have access to the web. That also means there is an ever-growing universe of devices that...

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Learn how to protect against Ransomware

Cyber attacks involving ransomware are not new, but continue to affect home users and businesses. Despite advances in the field of information security, attackers are not intimidated and continuously create more effective attacks. Ransomware is a type of...

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Valuable data for attackers and you did not know

Name, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. These types of data are often tied to data leakage episodes. But why? When a cybercriminal draws up a scam against an organization, financial information may not be the main focus of the attack, for one simple reason:...

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Offer a secure remote work experience

Does your company already allow employees to use personal devices to access corporate platforms? Probably yes. This is a good practice for those who need to work remotely, for an external meeting or on a business trip. Allowing remote access is the first...

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Map vulnerabilities and raise your security

Alerts of new threats and attacks hits The global cybersecurity landscape every week.  But, even if the potential impacts are critical, companies can not ignore the fact that, in terms of information security, the most recent threat may not be the most...

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Three compelling reasons to manage compliance

Complying with market regulations and industry standards can prevent legal challenges and serious financial losses for companies. Vulnerability and compliance management technologies are tools that help to respond efficiently to this challenge, for they...

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How SMEs can benefit from a network security product

In times of numerous digital threats, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) become the least favored group in terms of active protection. In general, in face of diverse key investments to drive business, investments in cybersecurity often stays behind....

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Essential tactics to protect your network

The challenges for protecting corporate networks are constantly growing. That doesn’t mean that the tactics developed over the years are no longer relevant. On the other hand, companies need to be prepared to adopt new techniques and products as additional...

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Protecting your network with bandwidth control

For most companies, the internet is a key daily resource. But like any resource, it has pros and cons. In the corporate landscape, the internet can promote access to information that will be used as intelligence to enhance the offer of products or...

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