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Lessons for the cybersecurity specialist

New information security challenges are constant and the specialist needs be up to date with the same speed. It is necessary to understand cyber risks and map out the most feasible risks and how to address them.

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4 security breaches you can solve today

Thoroughly studying your own environment is crucial to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers. Some of these gaps are quite frequent, regardless of the type of company.

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How to prevent lateral movement in your network

The first function of a malware is to establish contact with external servers. Thereafter, the attacker will strive to remain invisible in the private network, moving laterally to different the devices of the environment.

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How to detect bot traffic

Bots can perform many recurring malicious actions in an automated manner. Denial of service attacks are one of the examples. Check some tips to get rid of this threat.

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How to mitigate insider threats

Any individual with access to private information and platforms can be considered an internal threat, either because of premeditated incidents or because of a lack of knowledge or negligent behavior.

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Beware of Fortnite for Android

An effective antivirus helps to closely monitor your mobile devices, avoiding the action of malicious campaigns that take advantage of subjects of mass interest, common on the web.

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