We are the leading manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions in Brazil

We protect organizations of all sizes against threats, vulnerabilities and attacks, whether internal or external, generic or targeted.


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Blockbit values costumer experience and will provide assistance to all your queries. 

Best cost-benefit in the cybersecurity market

Our prices beat the competition. You will get quality while also reducing costs.

Stable products with simple update process​

Our products are stable and easy to work with. You can update them effortlessly.

Blockbit Products


With Blockbit’s SD-WAN technology, protecting your company’s secure connection points is no longer a concern. Save money and maintain a secure and fast connection. ​

Next-Gen Firewall

Combine digital security with productivity and increase your network’s level of protection with Blockbit’s NGFW, a state-of-the-art, high-performance corporate firewall.

Threats Signatures Report​

Blockbit’s intelligence lab carries out advanced cybersecurity studies to produce intelligence feeds, signatures and content hosted in a proprietary cloud and integrated into our portfolio.

Click below and check out the latest threat signatures generated by our experts.

Our clients

There are over 3,000 active customers in several countries, such as Brazil, Spain and USA, with approximately 1 million corporate users.

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Cybersecurity in streaming services

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Our go-to-market strategy is based on our qualified network of channels, around 200 resellers and partnerships with the largest telecommunications players.