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Strengthening security Of Industry 4.0​

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, also called “Industry4.0”, unites Information Technology with Operational Technology and is marked by the integration of advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, big data, augmented reality, among others. This transformation of the manufacturing sector creates intelligent, interconnected production systems with improved efficiency and productivity, and requires equally advanced security. Blockbit offers solutions that create robust defenses against emerging threats, ensuring the reliability of intelligent systems.

The Blockbit Platform ensures the security of connections and advanced network protection. In addition, ease of implementation is one of our priorities, ensuring that adherence to our solutions is not an obstacle for companies in the manufacturing sector.

We understand that organizations in the manufacturing industry cannot afford to go offline, and therefore we provide solutions that offer high availability and constant network monitoring. In addition, our solutions provide security for intelligent production equipment, such as IoT and robots, which are increasingly used in the manufacturing sector.


Blockbit Platform

Don’t let the instability of your network interrupt the pace of your company’s production.


A Secure Network: Essential for GDPR Compliance

In the digital age, information security has gone from being just a technical issue to becoming a legal and compliance issue. The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) imposes strict requirements for the protection of personal data, and Blockbit stands ready to help organizations meet these requirements.

Our solutions enable companies to define compliance rules in accordance with information security policies and data protection laws. We also offer encryption to protect sensitive documents and data, as well as control privileges to ensure that only authorized users have access to information, reducing the risk of data leaks.



With Blockbit NGFW you are protected from:

  • Loss of sensitive data
  • Business disruptions due to attacks
  • Unauthorized access to information
  • Malware and viruses that can infect systems
  • Leakage of sensitive information
  • Navigating to malicious websites

Don’t let the instability of your network interrupt the pace of your company’s production. See how you can monitor multiple branch offices from a single, intuitive dashboard, and gain high availability and application control to improve cluster productivity and availability.


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Advanced, robust solution with innovative features that reduce your uptime, such as automated setup, centralized management, and intuitive processes.

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