Comply with the GDPR

Complying with the standards established for each industry is the responsibility of all organizations and can avoid legal consequences, with financial and image damage that can be irreparable.

An example is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which reflects a global trend of concern over the collection and storage of personal data. Most regulations stipulate consequences, including fines, thus mandating compliance with each rule.

The Blockbit Platform can identify compliance gaps related to security policy, in accordance with each industry’s standards and regulations. Provide ease in the management of information security, by indicating which breaches need to be mitigated or remediated.

Sensitive documents and data have encryption protection on all mediums, and the platform controls privileges, ensuring that only authorized users access information. In this way, we work to avoid the risk of losing your organization’s strategic data.

The Blockbit Platform secures the perimeter of your environment

And it also assists in compliance with various regulations.

Check out the main advantages:

Intrusion detection and prevention system

With the ability to identify and block potential threats to the network in real time, preventing attacks and intrusions.

Malware Protection

With real-time analysis of suspicious files, it identifies and blocks potential malware threats.

Web Security

With internet access control, it blocks malicious websites and protects the network from threats coming from the web.

Traffic safety

It allows the control of data traffic on the network, ensures the security and efficiency of communication between devices.

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Advanced, robust solution with innovative features that reduce your uptime, such as automated setup, centralized management, and intuitive processes.

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