Sectors of Activity​

Quality and safety of services

For telecom operators and providers, maintaining the quality and security of the services offered is of paramount importance. Blockbit secures these critical aspects through multiple layers of defense and redundancy systems, complemented by sophisticated monitoring and top-notch technical support.​

In this sectors, there are some factors that make a difference when it comes to ensuring the quality of the services provided: redundant traffic, secure remote access, and high availability.

These and other network solutions that are offered by the Blockbit Platform meet all the needs of providing perimeter connectivity and security services, through monitoring, availability and reporting with the events generated from the network environment of the enterprise.

Blockbit Platform

Get to know Blockbit’s solutions! Our redundant traffic, secure remote access, and high availability services ensure that your critical information is protected while you focus on growing your business. Discover how Blockbit can transform your company’s security and connectivity.


Top-notch support

Network management should be simple to collaborate with your operation. Therefore, in addition to a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform, Blockbit has a high-level technical support team to help Telecom companies. The Blockbit Platform has native and expert support, which works 24x7x365, to solve your queries.



Experience first

Reducing operating costs is an attractive aspect, but it is worth complementing the ultimate operational advantages: improved performance, availability, maintenance agility, ease of deployment, greater visibility, more security, comprehensive management, and control.



Native redundancy

In software-defined internet networks (SD-WAN), traffic routing is intelligent, that is, there are rules that define error tolerance. These metrics are used to evaluate the quality of links, monitoring and prioritizing traffic based on performance indicators.

In practice, this operation results in a more efficient service, not only because it balances traffic according to the priority of each application, but also because SD-WAN implements native redundancy, that is, if one of the routes becomes unavailable, the technology automatically switches to a new available link.


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