WAN Optimization

Blockbit’s WAN Optimization is a solution you need to optimize the performance of your WAN network.

With it, it is possible to speed up data transfer and ensure a faster and more efficient network. You can perform data compression, information duplication, and content caching, reducing user waiting time and ensuring a significant improvement in file transmission speed. In addition, it is possible to prioritize traffic to ensure that the most important applications are prioritized.

Improve performance and reduce costs

Blockbit WAN Optimization is the solution that can help your business reduce costs and increase user productivity. With it, it is possible to use the available bandwidth in a more optimal way, ensuring a faster and more efficient network. By eliminating redundant copies of data, only new information is transmitted over the network, optimizing the link, and resulting in bandwidth savings.


Accelerate data transfer

The combination of the optimization techniques used by Blockbit results in a significant improvement in network performance, reducing latency, speeding up data transfers, and improving the user experience in critical applications. With Blockbit WAN Optimization, businesses can achieve better utilization of connectivity resources, reduce bandwidth costs, and ensure that critical applications and services run efficiently, regardless of geographic distances between branch offices, datacenters, and cloud applications. This contributes to a faster, more reliable, and more consistent network experience across the organization.


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Sectors of Activity​

Blockbit operates in various sectors, such as finance, health, education, government, among others. Our commitment is to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry while ensuring safety and efficiency:


In the area of education, it is essential to ensure effective protection of the network and sensitive data, ensuring a safe educational environment for everyone involved in the teaching and learning process.


Telecommunications play a key role in global connectivity. Ensuring security in telecom services and internet providers is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the communication infrastructure.


To boost the retail industry, it is crucial to strengthen cybersecurity with robust solutions, which effectively protect both company data and the customer experience, providing a safe and reliable business environment.


In healthcare, it is of utmost importance to recognize that a cybersecurity breach can trigger a leak of highly sensitive information, severely compromising patient privacy and the integrity of medical records.


For the public sector, it is paramount to ensure the security of vital information, as any security breach can have significant impacts. Protecting government data is critical to the country's security.


In the manufacturing industry, a secure network plays an essential role in ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD), which is crucial for protecting information and avoid possible breaches.


For the financial industry, it's crucial to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, so it's imperative to take proactive and robust measures to protect your financial institution from potential cyber threats.

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