Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Analyses network traffic and inspects data packets traveling through the network in detail.

Rather than just checking the header of packets to determine the destination and origin, as is done in conventional packet analysis, DPI also scans the contents of packets for specific information.

Detailed inspection of the contents of data packets allows you to identify and block malicious activity, as well as optimize network traffic. This analysis is done at the packet level, allowing for the identification of specific applications, network protocols, data types, and even hidden threats.

Based on these results, security policies can be created to allow or block network traffic, according to the characteristics and needs of the company.

Identify encrypted traffic

Blockbit Deep Packet Inspection makes it possible to identify encrypted traffic, allowing deep inspection of the content, without compromising the privacy and security of the transmitted data. With this functionality, it is possible to identify and block threats that use encryption to hide themselves.


Maximize security and optimize network performance

Blockbit Deep Packet Inspection allows traffic to be classified based on its attributes, such as specific applications, so that quality of service (QoS) policies can be enforced, prioritizing certain types of traffic, and ensuring that critical applications receive enough bandwidth to function properly.

 The feature is used to identify traffic patterns associated with cyberattacks, malware, and other security threats. With this identification, proactive and reactive security measures can be applied to mitigate risks and protect the network.


Sectors of Activity​

Blockbit operates in various sectors, such as finance, health, education, government, among others. Our commitment is to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry while ensuring safety and efficiency:


In the area of education, it is essential to ensure effective protection of the network and sensitive data, ensuring a safe educational environment for everyone involved in the teaching and learning process.


Telecommunications play a key role in global connectivity. Ensuring security in telecom services and internet providers is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the communication infrastructure.


To boost the retail industry, it is crucial to strengthen cybersecurity with robust solutions, which effectively protect both company data and the customer experience, providing a safe and reliable business environment.


In healthcare, it is of utmost importance to recognize that a cybersecurity breach can trigger a leak of highly sensitive information, severely compromising patient privacy and the integrity of medical records.


For the public sector, it is paramount to ensure the security of vital information, as any security breach can have significant impacts. Protecting government data is critical to the country's security.


In the manufacturing industry, a secure network plays an essential role in ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD), which is crucial for protecting information and avoid possible breaches.


For the financial industry, it's crucial to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, so it's imperative to take proactive and robust measures to protect your financial institution from potential cyber threats.

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