Blockbit Platform

Blockbit offers an integrated, all-in-one platform for network protection and secure connectivity.

Our platform is perfectly aligned with the global trend of convergence of connectivity and security, providing solid network protection and secure end-to-end connectivity.

Comprised of Blockbit Secure SD-WAN and Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall, both powered by Blockbit Global Security Management modules for centralized management with analytics intelligence and Blockbit Cloud Threat Intelligence constantly providing intelligence on advanced threats, the Blockbit Platform unites in a single solution the innovative products essential to accelerate your business with security, ensuring the desired quality and performance.

The Blockbit Platform offers an advanced and robust solution with innovative features that reduce your uptime, such as automated setup, centralized management, and intuitive processes. With this, you have more time to focus on what really matters: your business.

Whether it’s enhancing security, optimizing performance, or saving time, Blockbit is here to simplify the path towards a more secure and efficient digital environment.

Discover the main products of the Blockbit Platform:

Blockbit Secure SD-WAN

Complete, state-of-the-art solution for the control, advanced security, and centralized management of all WAN connections. With a modern and scalable architecture, you’ll be able to simplify and enhance your organization’s connections, providing greater efficiency and reliability. With Blockbit Secure SD-WAN, you can reduce your infrastructure costs and increase your security.

Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall

State-of-the-art, high-performance corporate firewall that incorporates advanced controls and protections for users, applications, and network into a single solution. With Blockbit NGFW, you have at your disposal the most advanced tool to address digital security challenges and protect your data, users, and systems on your network and cloud environment from digital threats and attacks.

With Blockbit, it’s easy to be safe:


Simplify your network by unifying connectivity and security

Our platform dramatically simplifies the complexity of networks by seamlessly integrating connectivity and security. With Blockbit, you can reduce the overhead of operation and administration, while ensuring a consistent and robust security posture across your entire infrastructure.


Automatically configure your devices

With auto-configuration capabilities, device deployment becomes more efficient than ever. No need to waste time installing our devices, Blockbit has taken care of it for you.


Manage all your assets from one place

Blockbit makes it possible for you to manage all your security assets and events from a single, centralized location. This eliminates the complexity of dealing with multiple interfaces and streamlines workflow, saving time, allowing for quick actions and informed decisions.


Reduce time with a user-friendly and intuitive interface

The Blockbit Platform is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface, significantly reducing the time required for the management and configuration of security devices. This puts control in your hands, without the need for an extensive learning curve and allowing you to perform your duties faster.


Get more quality and performance, at an affordable price

By combining cutting-edge technology with performance optimization approaches, Blockbit ensures that your cybersecurity doesn’t compromise the speed and efficiency of your network. All of this is offered at an affordable price, ensuring that quality is within the reach of all businesses.

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Advanced, robust solution with innovative features that reduce your uptime, such as automated setup, centralized management, and intuitive processes.

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