According to the annual Cost Of a Data Breach Report, published by the International Business Machines Corporation in August 2022, data breaches cost an average of BRL 6.45 million per year. To avoid this type of loss, it is important to invest in good cloud security.

Mainly because countless organizations and users make use of this type of technology in their daily lives, whether with storage, document applications and streaming, for example.

Blockbit, the largest national manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions, actively works to help you protect yourself! Learn how in this article.

What is cloud security and why is it important?

Cloud security is aimed at ensuring the protection and privacy of information in this type of structure, whether through online platforms or applications, for example.

According to the “State of the Cloud Report 2022” report, the covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization process and made cloud information become the center of business strategies, becoming the institution’s main means of accessing information.

If thirty years ago the data of your employees and customers was kept physically in one place, today it is already possible to access it from different devices through cloud technology.

As a result, protection becomes somewhat more difficult, as data can be accessed from different locations. In this way, cloud security becomes crucial to prevent information leaks and losses.

How to ensure cloud security with Blockbit?

Blockbit is a Brazilian company that leads the manufacturing of cybersecurity solutions in the country, serving more than 3,000 customers.

The company offers comprehensive unified threat management, which increases cloud security and network performance.

With this, it is possible to prevent attacks, detect advanced threats and, finally, put action plans in place in case of incidents.

Get to know the top products to protect yourself with the help of Blockbit:

1. Next-Generation Firewall

The Blockbit Next-Generation Firewall is a high-performance solution. Combines advanced access controls and protection of network segments such as:

  • in-depth inspection;
  • intrusion prevention;
  • advanced multi-threat protection;
  • management of user access to data;
  • creation of communication tunnels with layers of encryption;
  • Management of multiple security devices.
  1. SD-WAN

Blockbit’s SD-WAN simplifies enterprise connectivity to remote devices, strengthening cloud security and centralizing management.

It has features such as:

  • application-based routing;
  • network efficiency;
  • speed of traffic to applications;
  • reduction of network overhead;
  • clever use of public links for connection;
  • centralized management;



With more than 5,000 clients, Blockbit is one of the leading manufacturers of cybersecurity solutions, empowering businesses to protect themselves against a wide range of threats, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks, whether internal or external, generic or specific.