Channel Chief: Leticia Rocha, Enterprise Channels Manager at Blockbit

Leticia Rocha, Enterprise Channels Manager at Blockbit, tells us about how her company works with channel partners, her management philosophy, and how Blockbit’s channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market.

What does your position entail?

As Enterprise Channels Manager at Blockbit, my role is to develop and manage the strategic partners that drive our company’s success in the cybersecurity market. My focus is to create alliances and strengthen relationships with business partners who sell our products and services, including technology companies, IT consultancies, system integrators and ISPs.

Can you explain how your company works with channel partners?

Blockbit stands out in working with partners through a robust channel program, which offers attractive discounts, high sales commissions, training, certifications, advanced technical support, chat via Artificial Intelligence and joint marketing programs. This program is designed to enable our partners to offer the best cybersecurity solution on the market to their customers, significantly improving cyberprotection while reducing operational costs. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of registering opportunities to protect our partners and ensure fair and profitable collaboration.

What is your management philosophy?

My management philosophy is centered on building successful partnerships by creating value for all parties involved. This means working closely with our partners to understand their needs and goals, and how Blockbit can help achieve them, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

How do your partners deliver Blockbit solutions to end-users?

Our partners play a crucial role in delivering Blockbit solutions to end-users, including offering our solutions as SaaS. This allows greater flexibility for end-customers in terms of management and scalability of security solutions. Partners are supported with a wide range of resources to ensure they can customize and implement our solutions according to each client’s specific needs.​​

How do you ensure channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market?

To ensure our partners thrive in a competitive market, Blockbit offers innovative product differentiators, unmatched support – including level 3 support and a range of support tools. Blockbit Chat AI and Blockbit University are examples of how we reduce partners’ operational costs with support and training, ensuring that they have the best conditions to serve their customers.​​​​

What are the latest trends you see emerging across the channel?

We are observing a growing trend towards purchasing Blockbit products with a monthly payment, which makes it possible for our partners to offer SaaS to their customers. This trend reflects market demand for more flexible and scalable security solutions, enabling companies of all sizes to access cutting-edge cyberprotection without the need for significant upfront investments.

In summary, my position as Enterprise Channels Manager at Blockbit is instrumental in cultivating and maintaining strategic partnerships that not only expand our market reach but also strengthen cybersecurity across the entire IT ecosystem. With an approach centered on collaboration, innovation and support, we are prepared to face market challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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