With the transformation of corporate environments due to the pandemic, companies are reviewing their business strategies, including how they deploy and manage their devices. Zero Touch Provisioning  technology has emerged to facilitate this process.

Zero Touch Provisioning, or simply ZTP, is a feature that enables automatic provisioning of configurations. In this way, ZTP makes it possible for the deployment of devices and network infrastructure to be carried out remotely.

Previously, the implementation of one appliance and all access points had to be performed in several steps and required the participation of multiple professionals. However, with the emergence of Zero-Touch Provisioning technology, this process has become much simpler, faster, and more secure.

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Now the configuration of the appliance is done as follows: it is enough for an administrator to turn on and connect the device to the network for the resource to find the configurations and distribute them instantly to the other remote assets, self-configuring the machine with the least possible contact.

Here are some of the key benefits of Zero-Touch Provisioning:

  • Streamlines the support and development of installations in remote areas;
  • Reduction of  costs with the displacement of professionals;
  • Reduction of human error;
  • Among others.



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