The adoption of the hybrid work format has been growing significantly around the world and in Brazil this would be no different. However, working from home, corporate network and data security is a concern. The good news is that access control can help your company have more peace of mind in this regard.

Read the article to understand how this tool contributes to this!

See how access control contributes to network security in hybrid work

According to a survey carried out by Google Workspace in partnership with the consultancy IDC Brazil, the hybrid work model is the most adopted by Brazilians. The data show that in 2022, 56% of organizations operate with this format, while last year the rate was only 44%.

As a result, ensuring that your business information is protected has become a priority, especially since many employees use their personal laptops or desktops when working from home and sometimes need to “share” access with other family members.

This is a tricky issue, as not everyone is careful not to download from websites without the “https://” or open emails from unknown senders, which can contribute to malware infiltrating the  machine.

In short, the misuse of the computer by the user can contribute to the protection of your company’s network being reduced. In this sense, access control works as a way to minimize the risks of network security failure.

After all, with it, it is possible for the company to have management over the information that will or will not be shared with the worker. Thus, sensitive data that is not related to the employee’s activities is blocked.

How to apply access control in hybrid work?

The idea of entry control in hybrid work is actually very interesting, isn’t it? Especially since it offers extra protection against cyberattacks and data leaks.

But how do you include this in your organization’s day-to-day activities? Relying on a VPN, Virtual Private Network, in Portuguese virtual private network, which creates an “encryption tunnel” for your data and allows you to use public Wi-Fi access points more securely.

In addition, you can associate other national cybersecurity products to increase your protection. In all cases, you can count on Blockbit to offer VPN solutions and many others! The company is the largest manufacturer of this type of solutions in the country and serves small, medium and large companies.

Best of all, the implementation of this access management tool is easy, agile and without bureaucracy! With this, you ensure that your company is protected as quickly as possible. Learn more about Blockbit’s network security solutions and hire the best support for your business now!

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