Does your team ensure a secure network in the company you work for? The actions of cybercriminals have been improving rapidly and precisely for this reason it is necessary to invest in actions to mitigate risks.

This is because  a security breach can cost a lot for an organization, which in addition to losing money has its reputation and customer portfolio compromised. Wondering if you’re on the right track? Then take the quiz present in this article and find out.

Secure Network: How many steps do you take?

To help you identify if your network is secure, we’ve prepared five questions about your company’s day-to-day life, so that the entire team can reflect on actions and identify if they are taking the necessary measures.

1. Have you made a backup in the last two months?

Backups  are essential  for an institution and when performing this type of action, always remember to evaluate whether all essential files are included in the save. In addition, there are two possible types of backup:

  • on external hard drives: it is important to keep the files up to date on at least three pieces of equipment and leave one hard drive outside the company’s headquarters, in case of invasion of the site;
  • Cloud backup: This option eliminates the need to use physical materials, but requires a good internet connection.

2. Is your system up to date?

Outdated systems give cybercriminals more loopholes, as they don’t have solutions that solve new flaws.

Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

  • firewall;
  • operating systems;
  • Software;
  • Applications;
  • drives.

3. Have you established employee access levels?

Can your employees access all of your company’s documents? Well, know that this is not a practice that keeps your network secure.

Make it so that employees can only have access to the material they need to perform their duties. This prevents strategic information from being leaked or deleted in bad faith or through failure.

4. Do you train your team to have safe behaviors?

Another common mistake related to your team is not training them, since inappropriate conduct opens the door to malware installation. Promote constant training so that everyone is up to date and safe.

5. Do you invest in constant protection?

There are different solutions on the market and having companies specialized in digital security contributes to your organization, which benefits from the expertise of specialists who work in the prevention and repair of failures.

Did you ace the test? If you answered yes to at least 4 of these questions, you can rest easy, but don’t forget the importance of staying up to date to have a secure network. Agreed? However, if you answered “no” to the majority, you need to turn on the red warning light and understand as soon as possible how to protect your company against cyberattacks.

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