With this scenario, you are sure to be wondering  if your business information is safe and if you are protected from the problems that this program can cause.

To clarify these points, as well as better understand this concept, continue reading this article!

What is malware?

Malware is designed to harm a computer. The term is an abbreviation for  malicious software  or, in Portuguese, malicious software.

In practice, it’s like a category that brings together various types of programs that specialize in stealing information, causing the device to crash more often, and much more. Among the existing types it is possible to find:

  • viruses;
  • Worms;
  • ransomware;
  • spyware;
  • adware;
  • exploit;
  • Bots;
  • Trojan horse;
  • and others.

How to protect yourself from malware?

To be protected from this malicious software, it is essential to focus on some actions that involve the use of protection tools.

The first step involves making employees aware of these threats and including good practices for using the company’s computers. To do this, you can indicate that workers:

  • avoid downloading from unknown and unsafe websites (without the https://);
  • keep the equipment and the program used in it always up to date;
  • Be careful when downloading and opening email attachments;
  • do not trust pop-ups that indicate the need to download plug-in or software;
  • use an ad blocker;
  • and, finally, have a backup of the existing files on the computer.

The second stage talks about using data protection tools and an  efficient antivirus. This is because these instruments are important to ensure the security of corporate and personal devices.

When well designed and efficient, these defenses are able to:

  • check existing programs to confirm or not their presence;
  • periodically scan the employee’s machine to recognize recent threats;
  • report suspicious websites.

After understanding more about this concept and also seeing the actions necessary to protect yourself against malicious software, be sure to check out other ways to ensure your company’s security against cyberattacks, an increasingly common threat for organizations of all sizes!


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